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Recent News - As I Lived - Family Photo and Video Storage/Sharing - View More News

Hey everyone,

I'd like to showcase something I've been working on. It's still very VERY Beta (so kind of Alpha), but the basic idea is there.

As I Lived - - has very simple picture and video storage, aimed for family photos and videos.

You can upload pictures and videos, and share them with family/friends that you choose, or keep them private. Storage isn't free for me, so there is a flat rate of $0.10/GB as an introductory rate, while I continue building the site. I'm not going to bill, or worry about billing, for anything under $5. Any billing in the future will be done via Paypal or Stripe, so it's nice and secure.

Here are some immediate applications:

  • You want to share a video or two, nothing insane. Even a 100MB video will only cost $0.01/month. We automatically convert the video so it will run on a variety of devices, and you can share it with as many friends/family as you want. (video conversion is still a work in progress)
  • The same applies to images. It takes a LOT of images to add up to a few GB worth.
  • So you can test the waters, and share files that would otherwise be hard to share.
  • Say you have a 500MB, or a 1 GB video file you want to share for a few days. The uploader can handle the video just fine :)

If you are interested in this kind of service from Alpha Coders, feel more than free to give input, and features you would like to see. Everything is VERY basic right now, but uploading, and sharing should work just fine :) Thanks everyone!


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