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Bounty Rules and Info

Bounty Rules

Our bounties system is a neat way our community can interact, and be rewarded for it. It's part of our discovery engine! Please avoid doing any of the following:
  • Submitting a bounty, and redeeming the bounty with another account you control, or another account associated with you (friend, family, etc)
  • Submitting a bounty for content that is not family friendly
  • Submitting incorrect content to a bounty to simply get the ACP reward

Any of the above actions will get your account banned and deleted without warning


If I submit content for a bounty, do I get the ACP reward immediately?

We check for new bounty linker matches every 10 minutes. So please wait until 10 minutes have passed, and then check your activity and ACP log. There will be entries matching your contributions.

What type of content can I submit for the bounty?

All bounties are open for all content types you can submit on Alpha Coders!

What if I submit more content than is available for the bounty reward?

The bounty will stop once all of it's ACP has been rewarded, even if there are more submissions that would match it.

What is the extra raffle?

As an added bonus, every time there's a total of 1,000 ACP rewarded through the bounty system, we'll add another raffle to the sites. This raffle will work just like a normal monthly raffle. The 1,000 ACP number can and will change based on community participation. The goal is 1-2 extra raffles/month max.