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Trusted User

Understands Wallpaper Abyss rules and submits quality content

Wallpaper Cadet

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Wallpaper Panda

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Wallpaper Ninja

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Learning To Like

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Sir Likes A Lot

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Be the first wallpaper in a new subcategory

Admired Wallpaper

Have a wallpaper viewed 1000 times

8 Bit

Submit 10 video game wallpapers

Boss Level

Submit 100 video game wallpapers

Unlimited Ammo

Submit 200 video game wallpapers


Submit 10 fantasy wallpapers


Submit 100 fantasy wallpapers

Dragon Slayer

Submit 200 fantasy wallpapers

Apple of the Abyss

Submit 10 food wallpapers

Abyss Explorer

Submit 10 sci fi wallpapers


Submit 1 Art Piece

Speaking In Color

Comment on 1 Art Piece

Getting Artistic

Submit 10 Art Pieces

Painter Of The Abyss

Submit 100 Art Pieces

I Like To Move It

Submit 1 Gif

Hypno Pirate

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Screen Breaker

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The Taste Of Popcorn

1 Movie Update

3D Glasses

10 Movie Updates

Movie Junkie

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Watching In Black And White

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10 TV Show Updates

Binge Watching

100 TV Show Updates

Dark Matter Paint

Submit 1000 Art

Intergalactic Van Gogh

Submit 10000 Art

Infinite Loop

Submit 1000 Gifs

Critic Apprentice

Submit 1 Movie Review

Critical Binging

Submit 10 Movie Reviews

Intruder Alert

Click a randomly appearing spaceship