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4 months ago

May you and your family stay well and healthy.

Well just when you thought things couldn't get worse we had a power outage for 8 hours yesterday.  Their reason was to prepared for today's wind. Go Figure?  I don't see any wind outside. 🌪  So much for my slow cooker rice pudding that never got cooked.   As I have told some of you that 2 people had COVID 19 in our county and that number is up to 6 with many being tested and more in isolation and that at least 2 of these people being from the college my daughter in law works for as they did not disclose where the other 4 were from.  This morning I received an email from my daughter-in-law that one of her co-workers is being test for COVID 19.  We are always in close contact with our daughter in law (every Saturday). Hopefully he will not test positive so I need everyone's prayers he doesn't test positive.  Sorry for asking but I believe in the power of prayer.🙏

On a Happier Note, It is Friday so even though we are all going through the same thing we have to try and stay positive 😉

So shake those hips and join me in the Friday Dance LOL


4 months ago


Wishing You and Yours A Beautiful, Healthy and Safe Week ♥


4 months ago

Happy Friday the 13th......? 😨


Wishing You and Your Families a Safe & Beautiful Weekend💜


5 months ago

Thank u for liking my wallpaper 😊

5 months ago

Hi ShuOuma


Wishing You a Fantastic Week! 


5 months ago

Happy Friday, Time to Play 😎


Have a Lovely Weekend My Friend


5 months ago

Are we ready for Monday?



5 months ago


Wishing You and Yours a Lovely Weekend🙂


5 months ago

Thanks 😉

5 months ago

Happy Friday!!!! Time to Party!!!!


Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!!