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1 year ago

Happy Friday!!!


Wishing Everyone, Their Friends & Families a Healthy, Safe Weekend 💜


1 year ago

Good to hear from  you my friend


Try Something Creative and Have a Safe Week💜


1 year ago

Hope you're all okay...

Happy Easter to You and Your Family, Stay Healthy and Safe♥


1 year ago

Hope all is well my friend.

Just adding a little humor🙂

We made it to Friday!!!!

Twerk Twerking GIF - Twerk Twerking StuffedToy GIFs

1 year ago

Stay well and safe


1 year ago




1 year ago

Hi ShuOuma

Happy Friday!!!!!


May your weekend be filled with Hope, Love, Happiness and Prayers during this trying time in the World.🙏

Please Stay Safe and Healthy My Friends and Your Families💛


1 year ago

I'm feeling devilish and this is the fun part of snow ☃



Even dogs make snow angels LOL



1 year ago

I want to share this image with you.  It is not personally taken by me but it is similar to where I live in the country.

It is so still and pure and the birds are always active at 5 in the morning and 5 at night when it is their feeding time.  It's like a blanket of purity, pure white untouched or shall I stay unstepped in until I let my dog out LOL


Enjoy your day♥

Northern Canada gets more snow than me.  It would be a wonderful thing for me to take a train trip called Rocky Mountaineers where they stop at Lake Baniff, Lake Jasper and a few others during a fall excursion but you most like would find snow.  It is one of my dream vacations to do.  I hope you get to experience the beauty and wonders of snow some day.  Thank You for All.

1 year ago


I have Good News to share with you.  One is that my daughter in law's co-worker tested "NEGATIVE" as she called last night....Woo Hoo.

The other thing that makes me Excited and Happy is that we have "SNOW"!!!!!!  (, Just Love Snow) ☃

May you and your family's Have a Healthy, Safe Week Ahead.  Blessing to All.  Stay Strong💜