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1 year ago

I have a feeling that will eventually happen in the USA as well.  Everything is being cancelled... Broadway, Games, Disney World, and watching shows on television without an audience was very strange to see today.

Thank you for your kind words.

1 year ago

Dear Andrew

We heard from our cousin in Italy and he was saying that he was given masks and some type of special gloves.  He is located in Poncarle.  So far everyone in that family is well.  I will continue my prayers for the world. 

Happy Friday the 13th......? 😨


Wishing You and Your Families a Safe & Beautiful Weekend💜



1 year ago

You wrote "Stay safe and "be yourself" my friend" on my profile page and I just got what you meant, I forgot that "Be Yourself" was my banner, lol🙂

1 year ago

We have 112 confirmed cases of the virus including 3 deaths, in Australia. 1 worker from our local hospital but we are no where near as bad as you are.

60 in New South Wales my state, our government said yesterday that we will reach pandemic status in a few weeks.

All we can do is take precautions and prey that this gets under control soon my friend.

You take care and do what you have to, we are thinking of everyone and praying for you all to be safe.

1 year ago

Hi Andrew, hope you and your family are ok, take care and keep safe my friend, thinking of you.


1 year ago

Hi Andrew

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How is the country lockdown going to affect you?  You be careful too.... I really think there is nothing we can do but keep up with the guidelines and staying informed as you said.  Thank you for your kind words.


1 year ago

Ciao Andrew

Thank you for your weekend post which was very lovely.  We are being affected by games being not being televised because of the lockdown and Coronavirus in Northern Italy :(   Brescia and Florentine were suppose to play yesterday.  Report is out that we have our first Coronavirus case in our county.  I was pretty much expecting it because I have Cornell University and Ithaca College (A music college) in my county and lots of students travel from abroad.   There was an image on the internet that Serie B Benuvento players were wearing surgical masks.  Can't see how they could play with them on.  Anyways, you take care of yourself. TTYS


Wishing You a Fantastic Week! 


1 year ago

Hi Andrew

Happy Friday, Time to Play 😎


Have a Lovely Weekend My Friend


1 year ago

Are we ready for Monday?



1 year ago

Ciao Andrew


Wishing You and Yours a Lovely Weekend🙂