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4 months ago


Have a Great Week🙂

4 months ago

Thanks Andrew🙂

We've got below 0 today and tomorrow, windy, snowy brrrrrrrrrrrr even for me

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Have a Safe & Happy One 😎

4 months ago

Mondays are a drag



5 months ago

Yayyy It's Friday 😎



5 months ago

Have a Great, Safe Week 😄


5 months ago

Andrew, I received my first Covid Vaccine yesterday (Moderna), the next one is Feb. 11th.  I wasn't able to get my husband in though as all 3 days filled up fast before I can do his.  I'll have to try for him next time.


Have a Safe & Lovely Weekend ♥


5 months ago

Thanks Andrew, we can hope it will be better than last week for sure and for certain!

Have a Fabulous Week🙂


5 months ago


5 months ago

We have pasta at least once a week.  Our uncle from Benevento would eat it everyday.🙂

I'm not my cheerful self today after how domestic terrorists stormed our Nation's capital.  Very sad😟

5 months ago

Hi Andrew

We had homemade pasta for Christmas and New Years but since today is pasta day I guess we'll have it again.  Never get tired of it!🙂

I'm going to make you hungry 😈  today is National Spaghetti Day 



Bon Appetit