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7 years ago

Hi Karyn, sorry I haven't been around to comment but I have been downloading your great uploads.  Wishing you and the family a lovely Christmas and not too much snow I hope!


7 years ago
11110.jpg Merry christmas my friend 🙂

7 years ago

Have a Wonderful Day My Sweet Friend,Love n Hugs!!



8 years ago

Hi Karyn, you are always welcome, I always enjoy your uploads.  Nice greetings too, as ever, thanks for that.  I have been unable to log in to DN since their problems.  I was logged in but when I tried to access my pms or post comments then the page just froze.  This has gone on for weeks and weeks. I will try again on the weekend. I accessed the wallpapers on another pc where I wasn't logged in so I have managed to bookmark weeks of uploads and it will take me forever to do the favs etc but I will do them as soon as I am able.

That was a nice gift that you had from James, (all those years of baking have had their reward).  Hope you are enjoying your job, you seem much happier now that you have moved.

Yes, it is winter here now but v pleasant.  Warm in the day and chilly at night.  It is a treat for me to wear sweaters etc.  We are both fine, leading the quiet life which suits us.  Hope to catch up with you soon, TC, love and hugs from your old friend Dee.

My mum's newest addition:

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8 years ago

You're welcome! You have an kickass profile by the way, very similar tastes to mine. 🙂

8 years ago

Hi Karyn, I wondered if you were back at work.  Hope you are now feeling better than ever!!

If you mention that apple crisp one more time I will pop over there and brain you!!  It sounds so yummy!!  We have given up carbs more or less so thinking of delicious desserts is hard, especially at Easter.  If you have made fudge as well then that is it...!!!

I cooked a turkey on Friday so we will be eating it all week I suppose, luckily himself likes it.  We will have a nice lazy weekend with no visitors this year so we can please ourselves.  Hope your weekend is good and that you and the family relax and the cats enjoy their gifts!!


8 years ago

8 years ago

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and safe christmas my friend. 🙂

8 years ago

Wishing All My Friends and Their Families A Healthy, Happy, Joyous Holiday Season. 

Thank You All For Your Friendship





8 years ago

Thank you for fanning me too 🙂 , and sorry for the delay... haven't been on AC since a long time.