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12 hours ago

Happy Weekend ☀

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12 hours ago

Only Italians know how to call it that.  No plans on going to the lake it's currently 33 degrees 😍 Treasure hunting will have to resume next year.

I said to my hub yesterday I should put the XMAS lights around the outside of the house as I think we're in for a "snowy" winter.  It was a thought anyways.🤔  I have to be in the mood.  I don't usually light them until Dec. 13th Saint Lucy's Day. 😝  

Today is a good day to whip up a pizza. 🍕  I'm thinking I should watch my Downton Abbey Movie.  I was waiting for my daughter in law to come but everytime she comes I forget about the movie, it just slips my mind....What can I say, it's that close to 70 moment and getting closer as each day whirls by.😲



Have a Fun Weekend 😎


1 day ago

Just want to say hi to ya...

1 day ago

These months are just flying by, it's almost October (closer to the Halloween Party anyways).

You impress me at your italian terminology "Bolognese".


You may turn out to be a connoiseur of food afterall despite your many dislikes 😝🤐


Have a Good One. 😃

2 days ago

It also has back up battery power in case we get a power outage.  You know how many times I'd be hanging up in the air with all the power outages we have.  Sheesh!  Now I only have to wait 14 weeks for it to be made.  I wonder if this is going to be like my new kitchen situation last year🤔

I made my last batch of sauce yesterday


which means today will be pasta day, care for some😝





3 days ago

 My day is goin well so far!  Thank you for cute comment! 

3 days ago

Good morning, Hope you have a wonderful day! 

3 days ago

Oh, we had the coolest hail storm yesterday late in the afternoon.  I was out on the deck watching it bounce around, got hit a few times from the wind blowing but it was sooooo cooooool!!! 

Hail Hail Storm GIF - Hail Hail Storm Balls Of Ice GIFs


3 days ago

No my doctor is still home and their office doesn't even store "ANY" Covid vaccines. I'm lucky they stock the yearly flu shot.  Unbelievable.  You have to go to a Pharmacy to get any kind of Covid Shots or a Mass Vaccination Clinic from the hospital which I did once and never again.  Too many people.  I go to this little country pharmacy in Montour Falls, they always stock the Modern vaccine and had the Moderna Bivalent Yearly Vaccine.  No more Covid shots for a year now..Whew! 

After my shot we went to the furniture store and I got a new recliner chair that has power steering, looks like i'm all set LOL


Only thing I wasn't happy about it is it cost exactly twice as much as my last one I bought there all those years ago at the same store🤔 It was on sale as well. Hub got a new couch with a recliner on each end. 

I was contemplating one of those chairs that spits you out of it but decided against it.  That's one way to learn how to fly.



That's a picture of LaCrosse you posted not soccer 😝  I guess you don't watch much/any soccer to know the difference....

Didn't you ever hear of putting jelly on pancakes if you're out of syrup.  You can even melt the jelly in the microwave to make syrup.



4 days ago

No they didn't win, how could they with me not on the side lines cheering.  They lost 3-1.


But they had fun and they even recruited my husband went in and played for a bit.  It is a very low key game with relaxed rules and only 7 players on a team. (They're short of players).  My husband got to see older players that he use to play with 25 yrs. ago that were there playing.

Well today I go for my 5th shot and that's it for Covid shots until next year. I'm glad they developed a once a year shot for Covid! Yay!

Have a Great Week!🙂


PS: Be sure to have some pancakes today.  I should whip up a batch of Pumpkin or Gingerbread Pancakes today🤔