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2 months ago

Awww shucks!  I'm ready for snow 😀

We got thunderstorms mid afternoon and a good wallop of rain.  It brought the temperatures down from 80 to the mid-low 70's. It's only 60 this morning, maybe snow is not too far off 🤐


If you do venture out be sure to put on your sunscreen 😝





2 months ago

Sometimes parties are planned but sometimes parties just happen and yes, I'm always prepared and of course he knows it. 


You're looking a little peaked, maybe you should go out and enjoy the sunshine 🌞 You need your dose Vitamine D





2 months ago

Good Morning ☕ Happy Friday

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2 months ago

I know you will like this National Day 😝  There is nothing here you won't like except for the brownie.



I have a feeling son will come with the gang this weekend.  The temperatures are back to normal here for summer.  It was just a short-lived 2 day event of a heat wave which really isn't something we haven't had before in the mid 90's.  Hub will barbecue this weekend.  We'll just stretch out on deck on one of the zero gravity chairs.



You doing anything special?



2 months ago

Well I had another great checkup at the dentist


Now I can my Tootsie Roll Lollipops as it is National Lollipop Day



Think cool refreshing thoughts, Think Snow 😁



2 months ago

The lifespan is heading over 100 nowadays, who the hell wants to live that long though?  Most likely you won't have all your facilities atnywhere between 85-90 (some sooner, some later) and there will be too many invalids that need help and there won't be enough nurses or caretakers to go around and because those that are there will have been overworked, underpaid and won't care and they will just ignore you anyway.  I hear in Denmark and Belgium they have voluntary euthanasia.  We had a great doctor here that did that until he got caught and imprisoned as it is illegal here in the USA.  Again, the government is telling us what do do with our bodies whether it be abortions, dying when we want.....Dumb Americans.  Personally, for me alone, 85 is the limit of life in my eyes and views so young whippersnapper be adventurous now. 😝

In regards to cities, when I was in Rome it reminded me of New York City only worse so I am to think Paris is just like that as well.  We won't get into China, they are crammed like sardines.


Today I go to the dentist (easy peasy cleaning day) BUT... when I was young (6 or 7) I actually bit my dentist finger and he told my mom he refused to work on me. I had to be taken to a specialist and get put under. Now I take any dental work like a grain of salt.


You would probably bite the dentist finger too with a name like Dr. Meany. (seriously)



2 months ago

That may very well be but end of life starts its decline at 70 so it's time to start doing everything on your the Bucket List 😝

If you live in such a desolete area i'm surprised you have internet LOL  The grocery store which is huge accomodates 8 towns spread out that's why I live in the country but have to shop in the city, there are no little stores here and in the stores parking lot I always look at the marker on the poles which tells you where your car is parked.  That's some consolation if you remember to check first. 😲

Good news we've had constant rain since 2 am this morning and it is till raining so every little bit is helping.  I personally  hope it's all day event. We then go into high 80's for 3 days and then mid-80's.  3 more months til snow for me  ARGHHHHHHH

Well try and stay cool, ice cream helps




2 months ago

May today be the start of a fabulous week 🦋

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2 months ago

Boy, you sure asked a lot of questions on your post.....Maybe you missed your calling as a newspaper reporter 🤣

Guess what today is, never mind I'll tell ya


Guess what the flavor of the day is today?   I'll give you One Guess hahaha 😝

I think I've stirred your mind up enough, now it's off to make peach pie🥧

2 months ago

A little tune for the moment LOL