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1 week ago

That's an idea 💡 Otherwise I might turn into peach madness 🤪

I don't think they would appreciate me cheering and being noisey in the background when they needed to focus and concentrate.


We did get 2 bouts of downpours yesterday during the day but not the rain they had predicted during the night....🤔  Are they ever accurate?

I actually thought it was hot by you currently.  I know it was extremely hot in Italy at all the soccer games as they had cooling breaks during the games.

Are you giving me a  heads up that you will be grumpy by the end of the week when the heat wave hits you again.😝  I started cleaning out closets and getting my winter clothes ready yesterday (I'm so ready) LOL


Have a good one!

1 week ago

Well I didn't get done all that I had planned yesterday but at least I had a nice relaxing soak in the jacuzzi, however,  I didn't venture out because I started cooking around 9:30 am.  I made a supply of popcorn for the day, grilled and carmelized some pineapple to go with our ham dinner, hub brought home another abundance of peaches on Saturday so I put together a peach cobbler and guess who walked in the door when I was just finishing all that around 12:30?  They didn't move onto the next round of Bocci Tournament as they won one game and lost 2 so home they came.  Soccer was quite enjoyable though.

I'm really starting to feel peachy with all these peaches my husband keeps bringing home.  I think it's taking it's toll on me.


Today is going to be the hottest day of the week then we're going to cool off and get tomorrow and Wednesday.


Have a Great Week 🌞


1 week ago

Happy Week 🌺

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1 week ago

Sorry about the caption you deleted. but just curious why did you delete it?

1 week ago

I know, I keep weighing my options should I read or watch the Downton movie and reading always wins out, I can't put a book down once I start it.


I've even accomplished multi tasking, reading while watching soccer games.  That's killing 2 birds with one stone 😝

I'm not too old to drive but I may get a speeding ticket in the store.  It wouldn't be dangerous for me 😁

Well I'm up with the chickens since hub has to be to son's by 8 am so I got up at 3:30 and started reading again to get hub up at 4 am.  I may be sleep walking all day.




1 week ago

Yesterday I granddoggy sat wee Mia while son went swimming (he's on vacation this week) and hub went fishing. It was a humid day until 3pm then we got downpours again til 6 pm so needless to say we got another good soaking.  I'm not going to tag along with them on Sunday.  I have my own fun things to do...

Maybe I'll go shopping and try one of those scooters out.  I've been dying to try one.  Vrooooommmmmm


There is an entire day of soccer on today.  I watched some yesterday after Mia left.  I still have to watch my Downton Abbey movie.🤔


Yeah, I guess you will do what you always do this weekend.  Be sure to use sunscreen if you go outside.


Happy Saturday!! 😝

1 week ago


Well, it won't be long next Wednesday will be here soon enough.  Of course you have to get through another Monday  😝 

Actually we got rain yesterday from 1 PM until 6 PM and our rain barrels got filled up.  That was quite a surprise because every day they predict rain and never get it.  I still didn't venture outdoors because the humidity was stiffling but the temperature didn't get past 90, however, i'm thankful all my herbs, tomatoes and flowers got a good soaking.


What have you got planned for the weekend?  Hub is going to a Father/Son Italian Club Bocci tournament Sunday.  I'm not sure what I'm going but i'll find some sort of mischief to get into 😈




1 week ago

Thank you for the show of affection and concern. I feel better now and I hope to be fully recovered soon.

Hugs 🧡

1 week ago

I had a over 60 close to 70 moment yesterday, the game is not until next Wednesday, I got my days mixed up😯


Oh well it's something to look forward to next Wedneseday 😀

We have a heat wave, do you send it here?🤔😠


Doesn't matter to me as long the power doesn't go out and my air conditioning stays on.


2 weeks ago

Would you believe I just had a Damn Power Outage, it was a quick one but just enough to throw all the clocks in the house off sync.

I need to choke someone