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1 week ago

Well in all the years I have been washing the food processor parts after using this is the first time I cut my finger on the blade 😢  It was a gusher.

We have a saying around here because it's true.  Anytime something happens to me you'll find my husband in the shower.  I dislocated my hip, hub was in the shower, something else happened and he was in the shower now this I had to go running in bathroom with my bloody dripping finger and he was in the shower.  What can I say, he had to tend to me .... not only my wound but cold compresses so I didn't faint.  Came very close though....


He patched me up and put a splint so I didn't hit it and I had to wear a plastic glove all day to eliminate having to go for stiches to the hospital.  I have to go to the doctors Tuesday and that will be bad enough getting poked for flu shot, the new yrly Moderna (if they have it) plus blood draws if I have any left after yesterday.😲

We still went to the lake and had a barbecue though as I had made peppers and onions the day before and the potato salad. I had already made the dough for the portugese rolls but I made to bagettes instead cause I couldn't use my right hand that well.  I brought the seagulls cheerios since I couldn't make popcorn with my finger all wrapped up.  I had one that stayed close to me even during dinner and of course I was a stickler for his gaze and kept throwing something to him from my plate.  All in a day as they say.  PS:  There was hardly anybody on the lake as it was only in the 60's.



2 weeks ago

Hi, I've been traveling with my caravan these days. The holidays are over 😭

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2 weeks ago

Very Good Question since it hit 40 degrees currently and yesterday the tomato plants are looking shabby with tons of green tomatoes on them.  We're going to get a burst of heatt this weekend 80 degrees (Satuday and Sunday) but I'm not holding my breath because yesterday it never got past the 50's in temperature.🤔  We'll have to pick them green and see if they ripen in the house but it won't be an onslaught like when they get ripe at once.  I think I can safely say I can put the canning equipment away for now. 

I was hoping we could hit the lake today but I don't know?  I love watching the windsurfers.  I bet you would be good at that as you have to be strong and athletic and know a bit about sailing....😝


The gang is coming one day this week....I'm really not sure which day...but I'm always prepared



PS: If it continues to be cold mowing the lawn will be coming to an end very soon so we may have to wait until next year for the next window break!😲


2 weeks ago

Ooooo That looks like fun too, popping wheelies. 🏎  What does "super nice" even mean?😝

Well a day of canning tomatoes yesterday


Good news the guy came in the afternoon and replaced the broken window yesterday.  He took the window out to his vehicle and replaced it and while I was missing a window I was on guard duty to swat any bees or flies that tried to come in the house 😨  I have a fig tree right out that window and the bees love it.


No didn't have Prosecco at the winery.  We are stocked on Prosecco from gifts and Liquor store.

2 weeks ago

You just had to bring Santa into this, didn't you........😮


You're always trying to keep me on my toes to be nice so Santa brings me my McLaren. 😞 Maybe this will be the year 😍

I'm already stocked in our wine cellar with Prosecco for midnight and I'm still making the Frosty Cocktail for beforehand which I have all the ingredients for a month now😝  I still have the menu to prepare but i've got time yet.  I got to get through the holiday menu's first.




2 weeks ago

I want to try swinging from a tree and sliding across the ice pond.  That looks like fun.  You want to try it with me? 😝



I had a good day out and about and hit a winery too enroute.  It's never too early to drink wine, it had to be 5 pm somewhere in the world. LOL


2 weeks ago

PS:  The sauce hub made was success!!! BUT....I still have a zillion tomatoes as they ripen.  I will probably start canning this week.

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2 weeks ago

What can I say?  I'm going shopping today cause I missed out on Friday😀

New sales 


It's raining again.

You just have to get through this day and then you will be smooth sailing the rest of the week.⛵



2 weeks ago

I could never have been ready and shopped and out of there by noon.  Too much rushing around is not good for old retired people.😝


There was no soccer on Friday and English soccer is cancelled until Monday because of the death of the Queen 😥

I spent Friday morning cleaning my coffee pot.  Since you don't drink coffee you don't know what that entails.  It's mostly a waiting game.


Yesterday I had soccer most of the day.  It's raining and the first soccer game is about to start any minute so you keep relaxing cause you know what will be here before you know it.



2 weeks ago

You're right I only have 5 houses on the block so I guess i'll have to freeze some of the sauce.  I heard fried green tomatoes are very tasty but I have never had them or tried making them.  I may experiment.

Yesterday's plans were ruined 😯 I was suppose to go to a grocery store in Watkins Glen that had a sale of some items but I found out listening to the radio in the morning they were holding a Grand Prix vintage mustang rally and had closed the streets enroute from noon to 8 pm.  You do know Watkins Glens has an International Race Track (or maybe not) but they were taking it to the streets instead like a festival. 


I don't go to Watkins Glen often in the summer but the one day I plan to go....oh well.  What do they say about the best layed plans of Mice and Men?


Well actually not my life but my day 🤔

So what's happening this weekend?  Have a Great Day 😁