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3 weeks ago

Haha, no, I was just pulling your leg.😝


Wine needs to breathe 15 - 20 minutes before pouring or decanting.🍷

To be honest, I haven't a clue how many tomatoe plants there are but there are a zillion more tomatoes on the vines that need to get ripe before the first frost hits.  I think this hot weather this summer really had an affect on everything.  I just harvested my herbs last week and already they'll be ready to harvest again by end next week at the rate they are growing.  I usually only get 2 harvest of herbs.

We'll have to have an Open House Party for the neighbors.......


Come on in

Finally, Friday


Have a Great Weekend 😺

3 weeks ago

Happy Weekend, Good  Morning 💗

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3 weeks ago

Yes autumn is only a  hop, skip and a jump away but what's even better is the weekend is only a day away 😎

Time to get the wine ready for the weekend, it has to breathe🍷


I got big plans for the weekend..... Soccer of course and Watching hub make his Sunday sauce.   We got another slew of tomatoes and he wants his turn to make the sauce. Hallelujah!! Of course he puts meat ribs in his.  You should stop by i'm sure they'll be enough for the entire neighborhood.




3 weeks ago

Be grateful I even thought about you to save you a slice 🤔


Whew! I'm glad I didn't have one of those forgetful moments 😝

Another rainy day here 😒


Have a Great Day.


3 weeks ago

It may be a little soggy from all the rain but we saved you a slice.


Yes I do use my own sauce on pizza.😝

I'm having a close to 70 moment......Did I tell you about my cracked window?  When I was washing windows I noticed the outer pane of one of the thermal windows was cracked.  A rock must of hit the window when hub was mowing so we have to replace it.  I hear him crashing into a lot of things when he's out there mowing but I stopped looking out the window when that happens.


Well we made it through Monday once again.



3 weeks ago

Yes, he makes beer and wine.

I would can sauce, and store it in the basement, however, I came up with an idea yesterday and made tomato bisque soup and used all the tomatoes that were ripe so far.  

Getting back to you, did you think something bad was going to happen?  I hope not.

It's raining cats and dogs today, actually started last night (so the weather people were a day late on their forecast)


Still barbecue pizza on for today 



3 weeks ago

Happy Week! 🌹

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3 weeks ago

Well what did you do to say "Your weekend is going good so far" (inquiring minds want to know) 😀

Yesterday morning the gang and Mia came over for a quick stop to help hub lift his beer (step 2) in the beer making process.  Total chaos as usual.

I spent watching 10 hrs. of soccer games yesterday.  I'm only watching one today.  I konked out at 6 pm last night.😴

I'll probably make tomato bisque soup today as I really am overun with tomatoes.  How many times can a woman make sauce🙄

To answer your question, this should do it!


We Americans call the wieners pigs in a blanket. LOL  I guess you could slice the little doggies and put them on the pizza instead of pepperoni🤔

So far the weather people are "WRONG" again.  No rain yet and we are bbq'ing tomorrow. 

I might do more catching up on my beauty sleep today, the game isn't until 2:45 pm.


Have a relaxing Sunday or have fun whichever floats your boat😝

3 weeks ago

I have tomatoes coming out my eyeballs😲


We're having a washout later today, tomorrow and Monday as well.  We'll still barbecue since it is covered.  I'm thinking bbq pizza and hot dogs not hot dog pizza 😝


Have a relaxing day (like you always do) 😜



4 weeks ago

Well other than the constant onslaught of tomatoes from the garden, i'm harvesting all my herbs for the 2nd time.  I think they grew three fold since the first harvest.


We've made it through another week.  It's a holiday weekend (Labor Day) and I'm not doing a darn thing this weekend.