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4 weeks ago

Happy Weekend! 💐

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4 weeks ago

No I won't cast a spell but if I must I must. 😝


Be honest...Even you and your friends enjoy it 🤣




4 weeks ago

I don't have a metal detector, do you? 🤔  My uncle had one back in the day.  He was patrol on the beach at the Jersey Shore.  He found some good treasures. 😝

I'd be better off excavating the tombs and crypts of Egypt before I found anything worthwhile at the lake.😝


One and half months til snow.....I can wait 😎



1 month ago

No luck yesterday either


but there is still more ground to time 😝

It was too damn humid yesterday, then we got rain around 6 last evening and now it cool again today.



1 month ago

You're Right...Summer is not over.  Heat Wave today so we're heading to the lake for a picnic.


You never know what lurks in the lake....I will continue my quest to find a buried treasure somewhere under a rock 😝

May you survive Monday


Have a Great Week 😀

1 month ago

No, not the garden from the store.  They were having a homegrown sale on them.  I have tried to grow them and have failed.  Easier to buy them when they are on sale.  It only took 3 hours yesterday to do and I did watch 2 English games since Italian games didn't start til afternoon.

It was pretty cool yesterday and today but I think tomorrow will be 88 degrees and then back to coolness.  I'm just chillin today😎




1 month ago

Because of all the building that goes on, there is less and less woods for the animals so they start invading where people live.  Soon they'll be in your backyard.


We had a small spur of the moment party last Sunday.  Maybe we'll have one next weekend for Labor Day, if not, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day but the big one is on New Year's Eve for my Birthday Bash.  You know i'm not getting any younger so every 10 yrs. something else slows down.  I probably need to recruit 😝

Today I have 3 eggplants to fry and freeze in batches for future eggplant parmesan.  The secret is to cut the eggplants very thin and hopefully hub doesn't bring me more eggplants home between the time I get started and the time I finish.  Last time it took 5 hours.🤪 At least I can see the TV from the kitchen now and watch the soccer games.

Have a Relaxing Saturday 😀


1 month ago

Silly it's not really that kind of well.  We are civilized here.  How would you know if there are bears outdoors by you if you don't go out? 😝


Yes they do go by fast, it's just another day to me. LOL


Nothing planned except maybe barbecue tomorrow.

1 month ago

What water company? 🤔  We have well water. 



Of course there are bears, we are surrounded by woods and you know the old saying





1 month ago

I hope you don't expect me to share that slice of pizza 😯😝


Our rain barrels filled up again and overflowed actually with the rain we got yesterday (they were accurate for once).


Our pear tree is so overloaded this year two full branches at different storms have snapped off from the wind and downpours loaded with pears.  The deer will have a feast this year (as long as the bears don't come too).  I think bears like bird feederes moreso.🤔

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