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1 month ago

True, I haven't ventured to the other lake yet, it could be a gold mine 😝


That is the cutest lil witch but that is the one of the things us witches can not do.... cast spells on fortune and love.  

Not to worry there is always wind on the lake!


Relax, it's Sunday



1 month ago

I thought I had it all sewed up as who the winner will be but now I'm kind of skeptical at this point because some new/younger players have joined National Teams so I have to see if they get utilized first🤔

No buried treasure to report Captain ☹

I was watching water skiing and it didn't look to complicated, next time you come you will have to take me water skiing from your ship😝


There's a lot of buoyancy there, easy peasy.

Have a relaxing



1 month ago

Yesterday was a Championship Game with one of the Italian team and one from the Netherlands, Italy won but this weekend is just the regular season getting underway as of last weekend so from now until November it is just the regular weekend soccer, come November it will probably be a few games a day when the World Cup starts. Oh Boy Oh Boy.

I'm heading off to the lake today so hub can go fishing.  You want me to scout around to see if there any hidden treasures? 😝




1 month ago

Oh, that's not good when the rain can't get absorbed or penetrate the earth.  I have to say we, in reality here, have been much luckier than others.  We have had rain on and off and just enough to keep the gardens and fields watered and the wells from drying.  We have had worse drought than this in the 1990s and one time after this.  Last night it rained for about 2 hours.  If you get rain sporadically it will eventually seep into the ground. (we hope). But regardless, the weather patterns are changing. 

I wish I had a spell for rain to cast but I don't.  As for creating a National's the link to apply for one 😝



Lots of soccer this weekend for me ⚽ but I have to get through tomrrow first.  Hopefully, last day of window and curtain washing.

1 month ago

You relax today, you don't have to come to work or worry about anything😝  We'll make it a "Pirate Day Off National Holiday" LOL


Just savor the flavor!




1 month ago

I am smack in the middle (distance wise) from Lake Cayuga and Lake Seneca.  About  10-15 minutes drive west and east.  That is why I get so much snow, it's a lot of lake effect that we get walloped with. 

Today you shall rejoice 😎


I will keep you well supplied as I think it is a week long celebration 🎉  Woo Hoo


Oh you may as well drink from the barrel😝


Enjoy yourself and today you can overdo it 🤣


Oh Happy Day 🤐

1 month ago

I like when the pizza is put directly on the grill, it has that pizzeria taste in compared to the regular oven.  I had 2 soccer games yesterday so I really did absolutely nothing yesterday except make pizza dough and laundry.  Easy stuff. 


Today, however, I'm starting my fall cleaning with window washing and changing the fall curtains. I'll see how far I get with that until the first soccer game today at 12:30 pm.   It is going to be cloudy on and off this entire week with rain and then get warmer for the weekend.  


It's just another day for me.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.. all the same, right 😝


I don't have one lake with sailboats, yachts, etc. I have TWO Lakes close to me you can loot the boats.  Why you never thought of that before is beyond me🤔

1 month ago

May today be the beginning of a wonderful week 🦋

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1 month ago

Oh Gosh, I hadn't even seen your post but I did sleep in late, I mean really LATE!  I'm more tired now than before.


I'm just slipping through today.  We are suppose to bbq pizza and shrimp (separately) today.

Well then you keep drinking that rum, Cheers



1 month ago

I saw Lost City on prime video (I think that's what hub was watching).