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1 month ago

May today be the beginning of a wonderful week 🦋

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1 month ago

Oh Gosh, I hadn't even seen your post but I did sleep in late, I mean really LATE!  I'm more tired now than before.


I'm just slipping through today.  We are suppose to bbq pizza and shrimp (separately) today.

Well then you keep drinking that rum, Cheers



1 month ago

I saw Lost City on prime video (I think that's what hub was watching).

1 month ago

You are mistaken


I don't have a green thumb or any kind of thumb for plants, plants, anything that lives and needs watering.  I'm just the harvester,  hub is the planter, caretaker...etc.  Everything i've ever tried to take care of has well, you know like this fellow..


dead as a door knob!😝  One of your relatives? hee hee

I was on land yesterday but the wind from the lake could of taken me away.  Great day for sailboats and there were several wind surfers on the lake. I think the next time you come we should try it!

Til then enjoy your restful weekend and stay out of trouble, lay off the rum too 😝




1 month ago

haha Yes 6 am is kind of early for the young jet set isn't it?😝

Oh well, they didn't apprehend him, idiots, they called off the search my son said making us believe they apprehended him.  Now I had to go and hire some guards as we have to go out today cause there still is a thief out there. 


My little cherry tomatoes "Are Precious" because of the 4 plants that were planted only one turned out and they are my favorite tomatoes.

I use the heat just in the morning to get the chill out of the house to take showers.  It is in the 40's this morning so I wasn't that far off point in getting my winter clothes ready

I almost watched my Downton Abbey movie last night after reading but joined hub in watching The Lost City.  I like Sandra Bullock, she's so funny.


Have A Great Weekend 😎



1 month ago

Anyone who watches the morning news channel I watch knows about them as they always announce what National Day it is😝


We're ALL a little crazy 😝

Yesterday my son called around 4 pm to let us know we were on alert of burglars in the vicinity, one was caught and one was roaming the woods with a rifle.  There were 15 police vehicles that ascended in the area as some passed our house.  It happened about 2 miles or more down the road abit and around the bend but we are surrounded by woods.  They apprehended him by 7:20 pm.   We also got an email from the county that I have subscribed to if anything happens I should know about (road closures, water main breaks, lock downs..etc...)  

I was ready for him



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Well we're almost there.  I may have to use the heat again tomorrow.  It is dry and cool and will get no higher than low 70s todayand tomorrow.


1 month ago

Well they made a National Day (probably with YOU in mind) 😝

At least it will break up the week


Others, like me will continue  to work on my closets and bureau cleaning getting ready for winter.  Hopefully this is the last day of that nonsense.


Enjoy your day and do take advantage of being lazy 😝



1 month ago

That's an idea 💡 Otherwise I might turn into peach madness 🤪

I don't think they would appreciate me cheering and being noisey in the background when they needed to focus and concentrate.


We did get 2 bouts of downpours yesterday during the day but not the rain they had predicted during the night....🤔  Are they ever accurate?

I actually thought it was hot by you currently.  I know it was extremely hot in Italy at all the soccer games as they had cooling breaks during the games.

Are you giving me a  heads up that you will be grumpy by the end of the week when the heat wave hits you again.😝  I started cleaning out closets and getting my winter clothes ready yesterday (I'm so ready) LOL


Have a good one!

1 month ago

Well I didn't get done all that I had planned yesterday but at least I had a nice relaxing soak in the jacuzzi, however,  I didn't venture out because I started cooking around 9:30 am.  I made a supply of popcorn for the day, grilled and carmelized some pineapple to go with our ham dinner, hub brought home another abundance of peaches on Saturday so I put together a peach cobbler and guess who walked in the door when I was just finishing all that around 12:30?  They didn't move onto the next round of Bocci Tournament as they won one game and lost 2 so home they came.  Soccer was quite enjoyable though.

I'm really starting to feel peachy with all these peaches my husband keeps bringing home.  I think it's taking it's toll on me.


Today is going to be the hottest day of the week then we're going to cool off and get tomorrow and Wednesday.


Have a Great Week 🌞


1 month ago

Happy Week 🌺

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