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1 month ago

You can't get away from it.....It's Monday!!!!!!  So Wake Up, Get Up and Get Moving.  Bong Bong Bong🤣


Crazy Crazy, today, hot and humid; tomorrow a cold front and then the rains she's  a comin back.  I'll have to wait and see if they are accurate🤔


Good news is.....One Month Closer to Snowwwww 😝


Have a Great Week😎

1 month ago

LOL I'm sure you know Pirate Songs....I know Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Rum 😝  Feel free to sing along 

The day couldn't have been more perfect weather wise, dry, breezy and only in the low 70's.



2 months ago

Of course there is shade here, the entire back deck is covered plus it is not that hot here😝  Even the barbecue is covered, rain, snow or sleet won't stop us from a party!!!!

We can roast marshmallows around the fire tonight and sing campfire songs ♪♫  I hope you know the words to Kumbaya🤔


You look pretty close to land ho.....


See you soon



2 months ago

Of course you can come to the bbq (it's all in the flip of the wrist)


unless you prefer hiding from the sun


Have a Relaxing Weekend🙂



2 months ago

We've got rain for today, can never have to much of that these days


Oh Boy, one day to go til the Friday, do I look excited?


Have a GREAT THURSDAY, what are you up to this weekend?  We're going to bbq 😎

2 months ago

Did you say something?  As you can tell i've been experimenting.  I had hub buy some vanilla rum to switch out the creme de cacao but i'll keep the vodka, tequila, and blue curacao (100% Alcohol) and I think I've got the right combination - Whew  Sticking with the Frostbite cocktail 🍸  Hub agrees.👍


Has it cooled down by you and did you finally get some rain?  We are back to using the heat in the morning this past week and we had ample rain over the weekend. At least the grass is looking green again and will probably have to mowed.




2 months ago

Hmmmmmm Maybe i'll think of better prizes by the time the party arrives.  I'm just bouncing ideas off of you

I started experimenting on a cocktail called "Frostbite" that has tequila, vanilla vodka, blue curaco and white creme de cocoa with a splash of heavy cream😝  I may have added too much vodka.

"I'm sweating vodka out my pores"  Maybe i'll switch out vodka to rum 😕


Try it and let me know what you think?


There is also another drink I need to experiment with called Jack Frost.  I'll be in tipsy mode for awhile. LOL

Cheers to a Tipsy Tuesday



2 months ago

I've been exploring all my options for games and Yeti accessories.  So far I've come up with 2 games and if you win you get a Prize.



Big Dot of Happiness Yeti to Party - Abominable Snowman Party or Birthday Party Game Scratch Off Cards - 22 Count Yeti Scratch Off (You can Win Money) FYI there are only 2 winning cards out of 20 and then there's Pin the Star on the Yeti's Hand (although that one I have to figure out yet since they don't sell it)  I think my brain is working overtime.



Have a Great Week😎  Don't worry Monday will pass soon.


2 months ago

Happy Week my friend 🌺

Ver las imágenes de origen

2 months ago

Hub would never go for that suggestion 🤔

You're a genius without even trying.  I've been thinking of a theme for my 70th Birthday Rockin New Year's Eve Party and you have just come up with the greatest idea.


It is Perfect and Seasonal all in the one!  I'm getting excited......


I must start planning....

Thanks Cdd

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PS: Of course you and the gang are invited 😝