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7 years ago

Hey JB,

Nice to see you. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Lovely Lyrics, Touching and Great Video.  Liv is so Beautiful. Great Song, Thank You.  Hope you day is going well and TTYS 😃




7 years ago

Thanks for the Cute doggie Pic 😃


7 years ago

ALOHA JB ~ Coffee?

Food - coffee Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Are we ready? I'm a Tad Bit Country and 99% Rock N Roll 





Have a GREAT Day and Ciao for Now 😉

7 years ago

LOLZ !!  You seem in a happy mood. Ok I'll give you that one 😃

7 years ago

Super good and superman. lolz :P

7 years ago

Ok, your into the funny one's now ! Good one JB. Allways like to see what your desktop is.


7 years ago

Very funny JB ! Hope you are good my friend, take care 🙂

7 years ago

Hi JB ~ Loved the Short Film, Very Touching with a Happy Ending.  Sweet Romance and you couldn't be more happier for the guy who was looking for someone to love❤  I did crack up when he fell of the chair, that was funny LOL. 😃 Loved it, Thank you for sharing.

I whipped up some cocktails this evening so Cheers 🙂


7 years ago

Thanks for the Coffee 🙂





7 years ago

Okay I"m not going to burst your achievement but...the 2nd one was not available in my country either Sooooooooo Fear Not...I retrieved one that worked.  This happened several times on DN also from my friends in other countries but I will always retrieve another video 😉

Very touching and beautiful lyrics, I knew the song but sometimes artists names don't ring a bell in my head LOL I can see why you love this song.  Thank you for sharing.

As for Narnia LOL You crack me up although I have all 3 Narnia episodes, love that one! This is a Real Maneater LOL 😃 Time for my 3rd cup of coffee.