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2 years ago

Love your submissions about Pokemon. It is the ancient episode so it makes me remember my childhood ^.^

2 years ago

I'll catch you later, 4am here now and I'm going to try and get some sleep. smiley

2 years ago

3am in the morning here and I can't sleep having coughing fits laugh

Have a good one my friend smiley

2 years ago

Love you banner mate, going to look for my old one now smiley

2 years ago

Thanks mate, can't find my banner that I have there now and I'm a real Sheldon and don't want to change it till I have my backup. Have a lot of problems with the top being cut off and the position of the words on them, lol I'm to much of a perfectionist laugh

THANKS smiley

2 years ago
2 years ago

WOW thanks, now I feel really special, those favs put a smile on my dial laugh

2 years ago

Thanks for the fav's Torino, I know you don't fav many wallpapers so I got super excited when you faved mine  laugh

Thanks, have a great evening my friend.

2 years ago



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Magickal Graphics
3 years ago


I only want to say that you made great things here, I love your uploads. smiley

Keep it doing!