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4 years ago

your profile is very good!!!!!!   torino gt.    mario s.  (starfighter)

4 years ago

Congrats on your new position or shall I say added position to what you already do.  Best Wishes smiley

Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend♥


4 years ago

Don't know if you have seen our boxing kangaroos in australia. laugh Have an awesome week my friend.

4 years ago

Will do, thanks Torino.

4 years ago

Glad you are good, would like to see the pics. Wondered what you were up to. My brother is very ill so I'm getting ready to fly interstate at a moments notice to be with him. Not in the mood at the moment to talk to everyone or do much, will post on the forums when I'll be away.

Good to here from you my friend, take care.smiley

4 years ago

Hi Torino, thanks for the favs. I hope all is good and you are well,weekend soon so have a good one my friend.smiley

4 years ago

Happy International Chocolate Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! 




Where's the party?



4 years ago

Thanks for fixing the ford for me my friend, I appreciate it. smiley

4 years ago

Hello,thanks for taking care of categorising my uploads

5 years ago