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7 years ago

Drago mi je da si sretna sada moj prijatelj. 
Laku no?


7 years ago


7 years ago

OZBILJNO Vlad Ja iskreno ne znam, a ako mi je rekao prije nego što se ne sje?am da nije bilo crnaca u Srbiji. 
Sada znam .. Ja ne želim da se to dobiti na putu našeg prijateljstva.

7 years ago

It is true

7 years ago

Hi Vlad, You don't have any black people in Serbia? really?  that's amazing. No, I didn't know?

Not all Americans like that type of dance LOL  I was teasing you.

I thought at first you were talking about the group I posted Within Temptation as they're from The Netherlands except for Howard Jones he's from the USA.

I guess some of us Americans don't like to get jounced around so much when we dance looking like what you posted on my page hahaha.

I personally like Grace, Class, Elegance and Upbeat together...something like this video with as with a partner that's in sync to your moves 😉



7 years ago

Is that how they dance in Serbia LOL  Funny Post My Friend 🙂

TGIF 😃 Have a GREAT Day and Weekend 🙂



Dangerous from the W/T CD

7 years ago

Thank You I will Have a Fun Week 😃😃😃 :



It's a little slippery too smile.png


Woooopsss very_happy.png

Have a Great Day Vlad smile.png

7 years ago

  That's how much I love snow.  I knew this was snow country. 


I will await our storm to arrive tonight which they just upped to 15 inches or more.  A few more inches doesn't make a difference.  We are snow bunnies here so it's not a big deal.  We don't get paralyzed like Atlanta, GA did.  They will probably close school Wednesday and all back to normal on Thursday.  If the roads have been plowed they don't cancel school and they're usually on top of it here.  We're snow troopers LOL



7 years ago

Hi Vlad, more good news 🙂

 Storm Nika is coming this way for Tuesday Night into Wednesday so for my area they're predicting a foot or more. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh smile.png

Here I come LOL


Have a Great Day smile.png

7 years ago

In honor of the Super Bowl Sunday I've Decided to Wear My Game Face Today 😃😃 LOL