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1 year ago


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3 years ago

Have a great new year my friend smiley


3 years ago
11110.jpg Merry christmas my friend smiley
4 years ago

Hey there wink

Just passing through to say hello, Hope you are well. smiley


4 years ago

Hi Stephan, thank for the favs my friend, I appreciate it.

Great to hear from you, and congrats on your awesome pass smiley

4 years ago


4 years ago

Love Ya wink


4 years ago

Stephan my old friend, so good to hear from you, I miss you hanging around here to buddy. Yeh I'm ok my friend, I know you worry as I worry about you to, hope you are well to bro and hope all is a bit better there for you. You have achieved a lot and I'm so proud of you mate, keep up the good work.

No need to say sorry brother I know you are very busy so I understand my friend.

Thanks for the christmas wishes, loved the song and the house they were in looked awesome to.

Yeh mate it's hot here and will get hotter soon, a dip in the ocean with santa looks good to me mate. So glad you stopped by buddy smiley

My wish for your new year is that you stay safe, take care and most of all I wish you lots of happiness. smiley

Time for a bit of celebrating laugh  Stevie.

4 years ago

Thanks for the favs my friend smiley



4 years ago

Wishing you a happy, fun and safe christmas my friend. Take care and enjoy you time with family and friends. smiley

This is my christmas list as well.