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3 years ago

Hi Dori, shame about having to work the holidays but as you say, lots of extra dollars!!!  We had a lazy Christmas this year and will probably have a quiet but hopefully champagne filled New Year's Eve.  Hope 2016 is great for you.


3 years ago

Thanks Dori, yes I'm good thanks,hope all is good for you and you'r getting some time to relax over the holidays.

Have a great new year and take care my friend smiley



3 years ago
11110.jpg Merry christmas my friend smiley
3 years ago

Hello Dori

So nice to hear from you and glad that things are OK with you.  You are always busy but that is a good thing, better than the alternative!!

I haven't logged in to DN for many months as I have had problems logging in since they crashed earlier in the year.  I am here most days and enjoy the wallpapers which is the point of it all.

Things are fine here in Oz, summer is coming and it is pretty warm already. We are both well and life is pretty good.  Hope your family are keeping well and happy in lovely Cal.

Take care and thanks for the visit.

Thanksgiving Greetings - grapes, Happy Thanksgiving, holiday, Thanksgiving, greetings, leaves



3 years ago

Hi Dori, great to hear from you glad you're doing well my friend,I'm not the best but can't complain,things would look a bit different around here for you now,lot's of changes smiley  

Hope to see you back again soon,take care and have an awesome week my friend smiley

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3 years ago

Have a great week my friend smiley


4 years ago

Thank you Dori XD and Happy 4th of July

4 years ago

Hi,dear Dori.How are you yourself ? Thank you,I'm all rightsmiley,like the poetess sang : "I blame it on the Moon..." ; and the Moon is really beautiful these nights,as you can see  

4 years ago

So,overall,it's like this tune - la vita intensa,hot and blazing,dancing with the Sun and dreaming with the Moonsmiley

4 years ago

Your more than welcome Dori, hope your week is filled happiness dear friend. smiley