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6 years ago

Hi everyone who read this! I want show you the celebration that is happening in my city (Valencia, Spain) these days, in case you didn't know yet.
The Fallas is the most important celebration in Valencia and I'm going to talk about the most importants things that describe that carnival. I hope you like it 🙂

1- The principal thing of the Fallas, it think, are the "Ninots". They   are a big wooden monuments that are situated around the streets of Valencia and the last day of the Fallas will be burn. (Days of Holiday-- first day: March 15; last day: March 19 (Father's Day, also)) Why we burn them? Some  people say is because with them we burn the bad things, because of the fact that Ninots usually are a censure of the today's society, specially in Spain, although it has to be that way.


2- There a lot of associations (Fallas) where people can join, these people are "falleros (boys) and falleras (girls)", but not all the valencians are "falleros". Every Falla has to be their activities, meal together, paella contest, verbena, performaces...  Each Falla has their own Ninot (there are two categories, the big and the infantil) and there is a "Fallera Mayor" in each Falla, and the "Fallera Mayor" of Valencia (guys also have a title, but the "falleras" are more important in this celebration with their tradictional costume xD).

3.- Since the "Cridà" (it means, "call", more or less), that is the last Sunday of February when the "Fallera Mayor" starts the Fallas, every day until the last, there are "mascletàs" at 14:00 in the Town Hall Square. All of them starts with the sentence of the "Fallera Mayor" (in valencian): Pyrotechnic Sir, you can start mascletà.


I saw this one on the first line, i'm in the right side:


4- Another little things that make Fallas be great as can be: fireworks and party at night, you can buy fireworks on your own and make them explode on the streets (with precaution, of course), lights around the city, offering to the Virgin, music, ... Must be some people that Fallas don't like, but I like them a lot and I enjoy so much.

Sorry if it was very long, but if you wanna know more:




6 years ago

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Hi, as the weather in Spain?


6 years ago

Hey there WhiteLily, just a quick drop by to say thanks for the fav. As always, very much appreciated. Be well and have a great day.

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Hello again WhiteLily, a quck drop-by to say thank you for the fav. Be well and stay happy. Chow for now😇

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