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3 months ago

Hi Paul

Hope you are still improving and on the mend completely.

Monday Monday


Safe and Healthy Week My Friend.♥


3 months ago

Oh, That Friday Feeling 👍


Safe & Healthy Weekend Everyone😎


3 months ago


Happy Monday Mondays GIF - HappyMonday Mondays Coffee GIFs

Wishing You a Magical Safe & Healthy Week♥


3 months ago

Hi Paul

You and my husband can have dandelion salad together.  I have tried it once and thought it was too bitter but my husband loves it.

Glad to hear nothing but good news from you and your A1C level, amazing!!! Keep up the good work my friend.



3 months ago


Sprinting Weekend GIF - Sprinting Weekend GIFs

♥♥♥Have a Safe and Healthy Weekend♥♥♥

3 months ago

Hey Paul

First, i'm glad you are continuing to improve with your health.  Keep up the good work and fight this virus👍

The kids (kitties) are certainly keep you and each other busy lol.  Mischief is their middle name🙂

You sure have enough to keep you busy with all the figures you purchased and glad you got them at a good price.

That should keep you out of trouble lol

Keep on the mend my dear friend and hugs to everyone.  Hope "Q" is continuing his progress as well.



3 months ago

Monday Motivation Good Morning GIF - MondayMotivation GoodMorning Coffee GIFs


3 months ago

Gee Paul

They had you dead and buried, really? 😲

I'm glad you are on the mend and nice and slow. There was a line from a Horror Movie which the title escapes me "They're Alive I Tell You ALIVE"

Keep up the good work with recovery. I hope they gave you antibiotic and cough med with codine in it 😉

Also, hope your staff and friends are staying healthy during this time and giving you encouragement to beat this!  :)

Hugs to all and the kitties that come home for cuddles♥




3 months ago

Bunny Happy Dance GIF - Bunny HappyDance SecretLifeOfPets GIFs


and snow🙏

3 months ago

Hey Paul

How are you feeling?

Happy Friday!!!


Wishing Everyone, Their Friends & Families a Healthy, Safe Weekend 💜