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6 months ago

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6 months ago

Happy Friday!!!


Wishing Everyone, Their Friends & Families a Healthy, Safe Weekend 💜


6 months ago


6 months ago


I hope they can get a vaccine for this pandemic soon.  So much death.  I and my hub are doing fine staying in place thank you.

I light a candle on my porch everyday to honor  and support those workers on the front line, doctors, nurses and essential workers.



6 months ago

As of April 6th there are 364,000 confirmed cases of Covid 19 and 9,600 Deaths in the United States.

In New York State alone we have close to 132,000 Covid 19 Cases and 4,758 Deaths so the highest percentage is here in New York.


6 months ago

My Friend

The statistics have gone up but I do not know the accurate numbers.  This is suppose to be the worse 2 weeks but it is far from being over.

Here we are again


Please Have a Safe and Healthy Week 💜


6 months ago

I have the statistic for you as of today's report from our Governor who explains everything to the people in detail.

In the State of New York only 

103,000 people have Covid 19 Coronavirus

Plus 10,500 new cases overnight

3,000 people dead in New York alone


6 months ago

Hello my friend

We have way too many cases in the USA where we have surpassed Italy especially in the state of New York and our neighboring state New Jersey.  We  have not reached the Apex in New York yet and we are short of ventilators, masks for our health workers, etc.  We, in New York have been  hit the hardest so far but that is because we have so many people in our state being a big city.  We are also short of beds for when the Apex hits.  Thank you to your country for sending some supplies to us and to Italy.  Do you have many Covid 19 cases in Russia?  What are you seeing at your hospital?

No one has died in my county yet as we have close to 150 here now.  My husband and I stay at home and my husband goes out once a week for groceries which are the perishables.  I order the rest on-line and have them delivered.  It is a very sad situation and I am heartbroken of the young who have died and weren't able to explore or enjoy life.


Stay Safe and Well as you are on the frontline of this pandemic.  My thoughts and blessings are with you.

6 months ago




7 months ago

Happy Friday!!!!!


May your weekend be filled with Hope, Love, Happiness and Prayers during this trying time in the World.🙏

Please Stay Safe and Healthy My Friends and Your Families💛