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5 months ago

Youtube is back up and working again🙂

5 months ago

My Dear Friend....

I have thought of you often and know you would be a part of the helping and healing of this virus with your credentials.  I am so glad you have visited my page if not to let me know you are safe and healthy during this pandemic.  I know you will do all you can in your power to help the people in your country during this time. 

New York as well as many states are in a lockdown/pause mode.  Only essential workers may report to work and we can only go out for groceries and medicine.  I hope and pray everyone will do what they are suppose to.  I see your country is going in to help Italy who has been devastated by this virus.  We have many relatives in Northern and Southern Italy that have been in contact with us through email.  They are currently safe and healthy and staying inside.  The same as us they are allowed to go for food and medicine.

My son is always upgrading his phone for the newest in technology but as for me I do not own a cell phone and when it comes to technology...well..I'm lucky I can do this wallpaper site and shop on line plus email of course LOL  I hope you get your upgrade phone as I didn't realize that is how you took your beautiful pictures. You are very good at it.  With everything going on in the world today (especially in your field of work)  it is good for you to step back and do something you love to do.  It is snowing here and making for some nice pictures.  We had close to a half of foot yesterday and  you know I love snow💜  Today we have lake affect snow.

Thank you for the song and words to the song as I loved it!  Such meaning and power.  Wouldn't it be nice if we were all born knowing all the languages of the world!  

Please promise to take care of yourself and stay healthy and be careful.  Stay in touch if you can.

My prayers are with you, your family and all in your country🙏


PS: the link did not work 😞

I tried to post a song but Youtube is not working properly today.



6 months ago

Hi My Friend

How are you doing in your country with COVID 19?  All schools are closed here and they said we should be prepared to hunker down (meaning maybe an eventual lockdown).  I'm sure you must be very busy in your field and I admire you for all that you do.  Stay Safe, Well and Blessing to you and your family.


Wishing You and Yours A Beautiful, Healthy and Safe Week ♥


6 months ago


Wishing You a Fantastic Week! 


6 months ago

Happy Friday, Time to Play 😎


Have a Lovely Weekend My Friend


6 months ago

Are we ready for Monday?



7 months ago

Hope you get to have some fun this weekend 😀

Happy Friday!!!! Time to Party!!!!


Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!!


7 months ago


Wishing you a Beautiful Week🙂


7 months ago

7 months ago

We have lots and lots of snow.  It is 6 Degrees Farenheit and I'm loving it!!!🙂

Happy Friday!!!!❤