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6 years ago

aww I love animal. How many puppies do u have?? there's an app for android called UnderAnime the only animes it dosen't have is D.gray man and Chrono Crusade but it's really awesome app and it has all the PH episodes too. yes, defenatly get the manga! Angry birds is a really fun game to play. I wonder if Gackt palys the wii? If he has one he shouuld play Mario Party nine, I think that game will piss him off though cause it can be a pretty frustrating game but it's really also. XD Ok when ur done I'll take a look at the link too. 🙂

6 years ago


6 years ago

Yours too thanks for the fan ! 😃

6 years ago

Hi Zach, yeah the song was great especially for a Friday - gets you moving, not sure about the warm part.  We had a heat wave of 22 degrees yesterday 😃  Have a good weekend.


6 years ago

Thank you Zach

Peek a Boo - Guess Who??? lol 😃

Been away on a short break and popping in to say hello 🙂  Hope all is well 😉

With the holidays aproaching this is a busy time for everyone so i'll be in and out of Alpha so if you don't see me - Don't Worry 😉



Have a Lovely Sunday Morning/Afternoon/Evening   🙂


6 years ago

Thank you for the fan, I fanned you back 😃 have a great weekend!

6 years ago

It's an Awesome song, my day got better when I check my messages but then my Wi-Fi wentt out on me so I wasn't able to reply *Fail lol XD* Ah! Siblings blood-related roommates, they r worse then regular roomates though lolol. Wel we must tie him to a chair and braim-wash(spelled incorrectly onpurpose) that's good ur internets doing better, I heard some of those animes were really good, Yesterday the Inuyasha movies: 2&4, two bleach movies,&  the complete collection of Strawberry Panic can't wait to finish watching them. Also make sure to read the Pandora Hearts Manga because it fills in the anime on what happens ((WARNING: THE MANGA TO THE ANIME IS REALLY ADDICTING XD) Thnx for the Tempura & dessert Onii-San, I'm really glad u like GACKT, he's been doing this really funny thing where he does Let's Play's with video games his reaction is some Priceless. I want to make a Reaction Compilation for the game vids he's done so far (XD), but I don't know how to make youtube vids.

6 years ago

Hi Zach, When I get Where I'm Going, great song, I like country music I could listen to songs like that all day mate, thanks. Have'nt got to the movie yet sorry I'm always busy. I'm of to visit my brother on monday in brisbane so I'll catch you when I get back my friend.

Tak care and TTYS mate. 🙂

6 years ago

Thnx for sharing the Beautiful song had a rough day (("roommates" don't get too many, UNLESS! u know what ur doing)) The song made me remeber that life is short and it's not my fault my roommates don't want to learn about new cultures, traditions & most of all ANIME!!!! ((HAZ REACHED ULTIMATE OTAKU STATUS WITH THAT ONE! +1 XD)) lol. Well I hope ur internet stops acting up. I just finished Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus really Awesome, and I'm currenly watching a new anime called my little monster it's not really my cup of tea but some how it's intestingly good! I'm thinking about re-watching my fave anime Pandora Hearts. Welcome, the words that Gackt uses and the unique way he Creates his lyrics is Incredible & Beautiful. Sa, Taberu(ta-bay-roo) Dozo ((it means: food for u, in Japanese 🙂 ))

  Hopefully I'll get to finish my Japanese.

6 years ago

Hi zach, the music was very beautiful, I bet the words are nice to. Everyone likes anime and I'm starting to like it to. Hope your hip and back get a bit better soon, there's nothing worse than a bad back. I'm good thanks. Hope your internet gets a bit better for you mate.

Always good to here from you, take care and don't go lifting anything to heavy mate. TTYS - Stevie.

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