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5 years ago

That's ok my internet is off/on lately. :/ Thnx for sharing that vid it was nice, I'm glad u liked FLOWER, he has 4 song that actually go toegther and tell a story it goes, Setsugekka, Hakuro, Sakura Chiru, and Akatsuki zukuyo day breakers. I'm happy I'm still here too 😃 I'll put the translation to the vids,, , Awesome Dubstep. 😃

5 years ago

Have a Happy Sunday 🙂


5 years ago

Happy halloween my friend.


~Magickal Graphics~
5 years ago

Happy Halloween Everyone!


5 years ago

I love Sam Elliott and Hugh Jackman 🙂

5 years ago

Happy Halloween Zach♥


5 years ago

Welcome. Awesome vids u sent me thnx! 😃 

Yes, that's right GACKT's Song FLOWER is the one. I was going through a bad Depression thensomehow I stumbled on this songwhitch is weird because what I was listening to was completely unrelated to Gackt but FLOWER poped as in suggestions, I'm still unsure what it is about the song that reached out to me and lifted me out of my Depression but whatever it is I'm happy because I wouldn't be here today. That's how I became one of his fans.


This is one of my Favorite scenes from an Awesome movie called Bunraku (Bu-n-ra-ku) which is Japanese puppetry.

5 years ago

Hope this makes Monday a little more tolerable 😃


5 years ago

Welcome Zachary! Thnx Those vid were Awesome, I'm happy that u know who Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin ar cause lots of people think I'm weird cause I listen to the oldies. lol The Vocaloid's r Awesome! 

My Favorite J-Rock Singer! One of his songs saved my life so since then I've become a Fan of his, he's an actor as well.

5 years ago