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6 years ago

Sweet, a wide angle lens. With this you should be able to take photo's with very little light and they should look good. My brother just got one nd he love's it. I would like to get a lens like that next to.

6 years ago

Your to kind my friend but thank you. The way you are going you will be a very good photographer soon mate. Glad your happy with your new toy Zach, haven't got my new lens yet still waiting, maybe late next week. TTYS 🙂

6 years ago

Your always welcome mate, you better steady up with that camera you are giving me to much competition😃lol

6 years ago

Hi Zack, this is my favorite song by my fav choir, have a great weekend my friend and take care.

Sorry it cuts off but I couldn't find the full version anywhere and this is the one I like, oh well thems the brakes,lol.


6 years ago

Hi Zach - You've been posting some great images and great photography,  know you're busy but we appreciate it when you post.  Happy Day 😃

Sorry I've been MIA pretty much this week 😛

Have a GREAT Weekend Dear Friend and Have Fun 😃


😉 Be Happy 😃😃

6 years ago

Zach, thank you so much for the lovely music, I recognized it right away as I LOVE and own the movie, Howl's Moving Castle.. Such an unusual and delightful movie! It's cooled down here a bit, giving me a nice repreive, but August is coming up and it's by far the worst as far as heat is concerned, not looking forward to it.. I know what you mean about being busy, I may be retired but it seems like I'm busier now then I was when I was working.. lol! You take care, try not to work to hard, Sweetie.. Talk to you soon, Susie



6 years ago

Hi mate, hope your day is blessed with kindness to, thanks.🙂


6 years ago

Thanks for the fav buddy. You know the 2 good things about that movie Top Gun, 1) Meg Ryan 2) The awesome Jets, and the 1 bad thing 1) Tom Cruise, lolzzzz ! 😃Looked at the eye pieces for the cameras and dont know if they would be any better than the one I have. My camera has a square eye piece, interesting, it's a thought. Thanks for showing me mate. Take care buddy and will ttys - Stevie.