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7 years ago

Hi mate, hope your day is blessed with kindness to, thanks.🙂



7 years ago

Thanks for the fav buddy. You know the 2 good things about that movie Top Gun, 1) Meg Ryan 2) The awesome Jets, and the 1 bad thing 1) Tom Cruise, lolzzzz ! 😃Looked at the eye pieces for the cameras and dont know if they would be any better than the one I have. My camera has a square eye piece, interesting, it's a thought. Thanks for showing me mate. Take care buddy and will ttys - Stevie.

7 years ago

Cool, love the video and it has planes lol. Looks like I'll be adding Daft Punk to my list, never even thought of listening to them but I will now. Thanks my friend, have a good one. 🙂

PS: I'm getting a new lens its a 300mm can't wait, now I will be able to get closer to the planes 🙂

7 years ago

7 years ago

I'm mad about aircraft and trains but I dont get much of a chance to photograph trains. :P

7 years ago

Wooooow !! That video was awesome man, I haven't heard Daft Punk before but I was rockin away with that one, I love the anime to, cool, thanks mate. 👍

7 years ago

Hi Zack, most are up now with some of my art and if you read the name of the wall's you will know what reserch I have been doing. Will get to the video soon my friend. Hope all is good. 🙂

7 years ago

Hey Zach

Oh nooooo....





7 years ago


7 years ago

Hi Zach, Don't worry my friend.  You are young and things never stay the same.  You should be enjoying your summer vacation and having fun and sometimes busy is good 😉🙂  We'll be here when you come on so you take care sweet friend♥

BTW - loved Howl's Moving Castle instrumental.  I've seen that 3 times so far a few years back.  Love that! 🙂

Have a Beautiful Sunday and Good Week Ahead 😃