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6 years ago

Hi Zach, didn't get to see the sailing, sat was bad weather and today it started to late for me to get home, my bus would of stoped running and I can't walk home with all the camera gear, oh well  "Que sera sera."

Have a great week my friend.

An Australian Cattle Dog



6 years ago

Hey Zach

I'm sure you have your hands full 🙂  Enjoy your weekend my friend


6 years ago

WOW !! You have been busy Zach, thanks so much for sooooo many favs, when I saw my message count I thought what the freck untill I opened them and saw that it was you faving my walls. I do appreciate you taking time out to do that, thanks heaps my friend.

Have a great weekend dear friend. 🙂



6 years ago

Hey Zach, Hope all is well and puppies are doing good.  Not here much but are you ready for christmas?

Take care my friend♥


6 years ago

WOW! that's a lot! Yea it can get pretty hektic, I Love horses!! A parrot that's kool! lolol same here I haven't benn able to keep track of what day it is too. :L Yes definatly read the manga, welcome 🙂 Yea, hopefully when I get a new game station I will lock it away so no one can whipe out my DATA!! > 😃 photoshop that's kool, yea I use the Avatar Generator to make my own avatar's then I upload them, it is fun but I've never used photoshop. Random vid XD anime Lucky Star


6 years ago

Thank you Zach


6 years ago

It's best to read PH at the same time for fillers on the anime. The song was awesome thnx for sharing, ilol I miss my Super Nintendo I really want to finish the Super Mario World, I almost did beat the game but then someone wiped out my data! Dx

6 years ago

XD the puppies r adorable, I used to run an animal rescue. Idk why I put late thanksgiving on the laast post for some reason I thought it was on the 24th and not the 27th *FAIL* XD

6 years ago

Oh yea I forgot to post this Happy Late Thanksgiving.

6 years ago

From Our House to Yours 🙂