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About: Heyyo. Greetings. <br> </br> <i> I am a student from Asia, tall and active<br> </br> Just like a hurricane my willpower is massive<br> </br> Born at February 24 1999<br> </br> Born with the name Rafi Nandi, I feel like a weirdo cuz my name is similar to Gandhi<br> </br> But it ain't nothing big since myself is a weirdo and I can be someone that come in handy<br> </br> Even better when I become a Brony<br> </br> Live with a thousand aspiration and burning passion<br> </br> <i>

Interests: I love and enjoy graphic design, animation, writing, photography, coding, music and anything about art. I also love learning something new. New knowledge is always an option.

Favorite Music: Anything that I can relate to my life and emotions. Mostly: ? Rap/Hip Hop ? Rock ? Metal ? Country ? Dubstep/EDM ? Pop ? Soul ? R'n'B

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