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Website: Youtube

About: I flop around Youtube and Alpha Coders. I don't have any other social media account. (I go under the same name in both)

Interests: I like watching anime, and a select few Youtubers. I like to mess around with video, audio, and images to make them look better/sound better/taste better. I like computers and cars (weird mix I know) and my overall goal is to have a good understanding of both. Another minor thing, if I finish a show, and I like it, I find at least 1 wallpaper based off the show and add it to a wallpaper cycle on my computer, which has... 296 wallpapers when I typed this. (I joined this site sometime in mid October of 2017)

Favorite Music: Like some rock, some songs I run into watching anime, and some other stuff i can't quite categorize.

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1 day ago

Image result for Have a Great Week images

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4 days ago

Have a Magical Day♥



Image result for Happy Weekend images with snow

1 week ago

Image result for Monday funny

Image result for Coffee gifs

Wishing You a Wonderful Week♥


1 week ago

Have a relaxing Sunday smiley

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1 week ago

Oh noooo Sorry to hear that.  Hope you get up and running soon!

Image result for Happy Friday Gifs

Wishing You a Happy Day smiley

Image result for Beautiful Gothic Woman and Wolf


Image result for Awesome Weekend images

1 week ago

My laptop might be on its deathbed right now.



Lappy the Laptop, a faithful friend that met an untimely end.

11/11/2015 to 1/1/2017

2 weeks ago

All the best for the new year my friend, take care and I hope the new year brings you happiness, laughter and good health smiley

2 weeks ago

Happy, Healthy,  Prosperous New Year To All smiley

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Cheers, Salute, À votre santé, Aclamaciones, Prost, Proost, 乾杯, Chúc mừng, 干杯, Skål, ура

To All My Friends♥

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2 weeks ago

Well at least he got what he wanted and as they say "The customer is always right" laugh

I remember the day after Christmas I was giving customer store credits for their items without a receipt.  Little did I know that only managers can do that.  I would probably sign my life away with generousity.  I rather make them happy then hassle them. lol

3 weeks ago

Hi Olimar

I can relate, I worked retail for one year as a part-timer in the Bon Ton  but I use to put in 32+ hours a week.  I know the Christmas Rush and being there on the 24 and the 26th at 6:30 am.  I had so many hours put in they gave me an entire summer off except for 1 day a week otherwise they would of had to pay me benefits, I loved that lol Whew I thought I wanted to change up my job carreer from secretarial/office/receptionist work to do something different.  After I year I got out and went back to Office Work  smiley   I hated to do inventory! Yuck!  I hope you didn't have to work today.

You probably need a cup of this smiley

Image result for Day after christmas Coffee Images

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Have a Fabulous Day and Rest of Week smiley

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