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Website: Parreirao2 AMVS

About: I just like to play with photoshop and sony vegas... my goal isnt to make art pieces, but to make something that pleases me and at the same time lets me have some fun while doing it :3 :P

Interests: Photoshop & Sony Vegas & My work :P

Favorite Music: they're so many... basicly industrial/electro/alternative/hard rock, & grunge, post grunge, alternative metal, nu metal, bla bla bla.... Oh and DUBSTEP i luv dubstep! WOMP WOMP WOMP \m/

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8 years ago
525.gif Come visit METAL SHOP DAILY on Neo Colony Abyss! Not much there at the moment. Help us grow it!.
8 years ago
Please read this forum post and add your support to it. Thank you. -AD
8 years ago
Happy Holidays to Everyone ! ! ! SOJWWTXFffmwawoi1324678330300.jpg
8 years ago
Have a nice day 😃29221.gifhumpday1.jpg21381zmz.jpghumpday.jpg
8 years ago
Happy Halloween and Samhain to everyone!!! WWQWIHCosycylw1319933654950.jpg
8 years ago
The Searcher In the midst of what remains Mourned alone in savage garden I seek a rose with nightfalls stain A wind sing dirges of the fallen. My pain flows from haunted eyes Weeping dreams fall to grace them Hopes are mocked by leaden skies Search in vain as darkness hastens. I weep sorrow amid the shorn All dreams of love forever tattered I find my rose among the thorns On reddened tides of glory shattered. -AD NDBJPVHPSJMcrkpnkalluz1317694047228.jpg
8 years ago
Didn't I hear you cry this mornin Didn't I feel you weep Teardrops falling down on me Like rivers in my sleep In my dream of laughter You came creeping with your tears Telling me your sorrow In the trace ends of your tears That's a strange way to tell me you love me When your sorrow is all I can see If you just want to cry to somebody Don't cry to me No don't cry to me Didn't I hear your voice this morning Didn't you call my name I heard you whisper softly But the words were never plain And in your dream of darkness I came shinin like a sun Waiting for the laughter But the laughter never comes Didn't you feel alone this mornin Didn't you need a friend And in your darkest hour You came runnin back again In my dream of laughter You came creeping with your tears Telling me your sorrow In the trace end of your tears That's a strange way to tell me you love me When your sorrow is all I can see If you just want to cry to somebody Don't cry to me. -FireFall QHGCJRPTIMHnscazvqquzs1316575907822.jpg
8 years ago
The day is gone, And the night is queen... All the rush was gone, Every noise disappeared And everything stopped; To watch the dark dance. Blue stars appeared on the sky, Thunders started to dance upon the universe Preparing the world for her coronation, For her arrival on the eternal lake... The water started to climb, Waves started to play the ritual And into the sacred water, Appeared a goddess; Appeared the Dark Princess... Her silver hair shinned stronger Than any star on the sky; Her red colored eyes were stronger Than any flame into this world; Her black dress was darker Than the night. But her white skin was tender Like the silk thread; She started to dance, Along with the water; And everything followed her. Her body moved so gently That my eyes couldn't stop watching... She was the magic into this world, She was the purity of this universe; But suddenly everything was slowing And the Princess was withdrawing... Step by step... But I didn't want to let her go! I wanted to go with her, Trying to catch her; Useless... She stopped... Watching me with her deep red eyes, She returned; and hugged me I had a feeling, A feeling that I was rising... I knew that I don't belong to this world No more; But I've finally found my peace. With my head on her soft chest, I fell asleep, Into a black love; With the Dark Princess... -Khronus 137595.jpg
8 years ago
A choice to make. And made, it said, eternal. To weigh in opposition, juxtapose real and imagined. The conflicts of a lifetime. Burdens of choice and action. The road of consequence lade before me, tread countless times. Sheathed within my soul, a blade forged in chaos. No reason can dislodge, no hope sufficient to withdraw. One last decision. The gift only I can bestow. A gift of honor. Are these tears shed for me. Diamonds cascading into the waiting abyss. A last touch. Spirit brothers of the wind caress me. A final kiss. Light born of fire, now fading, warms my cheek. A parting gesture. Ivory angels of the sky, their song surrounds me. A choice is made. And made, it said, eternal. A final thought to carry me home. :AD Duty is as heavy as a mountain. Death, as light as a feather. :Robert
8 years ago
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