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I have been creating 3d fractals for over four years using Mandelbulb 3d, as well as 3d models & scenes in Blender. Photoshop is used to create patterns or enhance the render images. In addition, I occasionally draw with Autodesk Sketchbook. Visit my deviatart, redbubble or society6 sites for more artworks & prints: || || ||
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3 weeks ago

I hope to be back by end of October beginning of November so take care and be safe.


Have a Great Weekend.

2 months ago

You are welcome.

5 years ago

You're Welcome 🙂 Have a nice day♥

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6 years ago

Thanks for the favorite on my frog Dr-Pen I appreciate it 🙂

6 years ago

Thanks for the nice comment!  I agree -- this one spoke to me right away 🙂

6 years ago

Thank you for favorite my wallpapers 🙂