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Website: Faraway Creations

About: My name is Gema and I am Spanish. I am dedicated to helping abandoned dogs and cats to find a new home. I have two lovely kittens: Ingrid and Chloe. They are beautiful and very good.

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2 hours ago

See the source image

1 day ago

Hi,You’re Welcome! have a great weekend!!

2 days ago



2 days ago


4 days ago

Hi,wow you live in Spain! bet it’s beautiful there! I love Texas but the heat can be unbearable especially the heat index!  Texas is a big state to visit a lot of places. in some places it’s beautiful!! have a nice evening! take care 

5 days ago

Hope you have had a good holiday. I well remember the hot days in Spain, it is quite cool here at the moment and miss the heat!

5 days ago

It's Winter here and this Winter has been a bit cooler then the last one but I don't mind😃

Try to stay cool my friend🙂

5 days ago

Have a good week mate.

Falling into the week like😃

5 days ago

Hi,wow Spain hope you enjoy your stay there!! cute comment, well that what happens here in Texas(lol) have a great week! thanks for the smile.


5 days ago

The temps are way better here, we lost 10-15° compared to last week, you're still getting like 40° in Spain?

Have a great week Gema 😉

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