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Website: Ao3 a.k.a. Archive of Our Own

About: MaDDeRHaTTeR, I am a non-binary, pan-sexual author. I love to indulge in Manga, and Anime! I am an adult. I speak three languages. I am a literary artist. I am also... iNSaNe. In a fun way, most of the time at least. It's true. I play six instruments. The material I write, is for adults only. It is NSFW as most of the things in my mind tend to be. If you are under the age of consent, we have nothing to talk about. Under age people, please refrain from reading my work, or discussing it with me at all. Thank you.

Interests: Reading, Writing, Creative endeavors. Yaoi, a.k.a. BL. Music.

Favorite Music: All music that is played from the heart, with some invested talent is AWESOME! Every genre from Metal to Country to Soft Rock to Opera to Pop... Ragge to Ragaton. From Punk to Sounds of nature... Salsa to square dancing.

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