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About: I play video games, I have an xbox 360 & A PS3. I like dragons XD. I am currently learning to draw better using my tablet and photoshop Cs5 i hope one day i will be good enough to submit my own work to this site. I Change My Pc wallpaper everyday. I use walpapers to also create a theme for my xbox 360 and Ps3.

Interests: Drawing via Sketchbook and pencil or tablet & PC. Playing video games. Dragons & Wolves . How To Train Your Dragon Is The Best Movie Ever Go See It.

Favorite Music: Metal Rock Basicly anything that isnt rap and country depending on the mood.

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5 years ago


I'm hosting an art competition where artists submit their work to me and the winner will have their artwork featured on my new album coming out in May entitled "The Final Boss," a Rock, OST, Epic Boss Battle influenced EM album. Below are details into the project, how winners are selected, how artwork should be submitted, etc. If you have any questions, PM me and I will gladly answer your questions!


Thanks showing interest in this project, it means a lot that you would like to contribute like this. Anyway, the album (unless otherwise changed) will be entitled: The Final Boss (off of the star song from the album, Level 4: The Final Boss). I'm looking for epic, OST (original soundtrack) looking artwork of the sorts having to do with said theme. Below I've left a dragon concepts around what I'm looking for (pictures 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 10).


Another idea I had was having to do with epic (I know I'm going to say that a lot haha) looking scenery, hopefully with a boss of sorts somewhere in the scenery. I've left a few links to ideas for that.


The last idea I had for the album cover (other than dragons and scenery) was a Phoenix (similar to the previous logo you did, but of higher pixelated quality... I will get to that eventually). Phoenix colors are usually the nice red and orange, but I'm okay with ice blue as well. I left another link below:


All the links I provide are safe and secure sites.


I will be using CreateSpace, an Amazon run Album creator that requires a number of artwork images for parts of the album. Below is the exact criteria for the album. 

CD Files Image Size (Pixels) Max. File Size Outside Booklet 2925 x 1490 6MB Inside Booklet 2925 x 1490 6MB Front Tray Card 1820 x 1465 6MB Back Tray Card 1820 x 1465 6MB CD Disc Face 1417 x 1417 full bleed 2MB


Your artwork must be uploaded as a JPEG file in RGB color mode.


I know this is quite broad, I'm very open to changes and interpretation if done well. Dragons, scenery, and Phoenix's are not the only cool things out there; abstract ideas are always consonant. While rewards are unofficial, the sketch of it goes as this:


Album Cover: $125 - $150


The set date for the album release will be May 15th. I would like to have all the submissions in by May 7th and I will decide with a group of peers and release the decision on May 11th. And YES, of course you are allowed to get my opinion of sketches. While I realize that it is more of graphic imaging and less of actual painting or sculpting (I'm not too far into the vocabulary of the arts) I'm quite willing to see what you're getting into and give my opinion. 


If you have anymore questions, please let me know. If you get a chance, let your Arts friends know (although that may add some competition haha). Thanks again! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!




(This is not a scam)

8 years ago
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9 years ago
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9 years ago

10 years ago
🙂 lol

10 years ago
Awsome thanks

10 years ago
also you can get rid of wallpapers you've already uploaded?

10 years ago
😢 why not?

10 years ago
yo guys should so upload them so i can make my collection bigger 🙂

10 years ago
Thx ^.^ i have all wallpapers from this site ;o and litle more to ^.^

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