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About: What's up Ninjas?! I'm Zen and I'm Filipino(95%)/Japanese(5%), but I look more Chinese haha xD I'm an Asian Tomboy, but I don't look like a dude unless I actually get a good haircut that will conceal my longer hair and show shorter hair =] I'm a very positive/respectful/rebellious ninja, but I'm not that nice if people treat me in a very bad way... DONT STEAL MY FOOD!!! hahaha!!! xD

Interests: Singing, Graphic Designing, Writing Quotes & Stories, creating new Perverted jokes even though I seriously dislike perverts (LOL), Playing video games, trying to Break Dance, but I end up breaking my back haha! There's more to me, but I'm very busy finishing up my homework to receive a lap top so I can make my own wallpapers and other stuff! Oh yeah! I like Cool Gakuen movies and dramas (Japanese), like Crows Zero 1&2 and Majisuka Gakuen. I watched Battler Royal 1&2 and I'm hopi

Favorite Music: R&B, sometimes Asian Music, anything else that's interesting.

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