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1 year ago

Image result for Merry Christmas from our house to yours images


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Image result for christmas hugs




2 years ago

Image result for Happy Friday funny gif

Image result for Magical Weekend


2 years ago

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Image result for Wolf Weekend gif

Image result for Gothic woman and wolf

2 years ago

Monday Again 😮

Image result for Have a Great Week images

2 years ago

Image result for FRIDAY cute gifs

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Image result for Wolf weekend gifs

2 years ago

Image result for Betty Boop Happy Friday Animated gif


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2 years ago

Image result for monday face

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Wishing You a Lovely Week ❤


2 years ago

National Ice Cream Day July 15, 2018 (Seriously)

Choose one or choose them all 🙂

Image result for National Ice cream day 2018 July 14

2 years ago

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lol Are you superstitious? 

2 years ago

I had not heard of Mario going to MU (another team I like)  I also like Milan and usually root for them if they are playing as long as it isn't against Juve. I like Montolivo, Donnarumma, Bonaventura, Bonucci (was disappointed when he left Juve) 😟  Locatelli and some others.  When watching the World Cup I saw players I've known I've seen play but couldn't remember what teams they were on as I watch just about all Serie A, LaLigua, and Ligue Soccer/Football.  I do not watch American Soccer.  

I can't see how Donnarumma will be able to take Bufone's place on an International Level for Italia.  I know they have been training him but I don't think he's ready.  Italia needs a turnover of new young players for their International Team (my opinion).

So you think Crotia will win or hope to win.  I have never seen a team with so much stamina to only gain stamina as the game went on.  They are remarkable 😉   My hub is for Croatia as well to win.  The reason Juve is our team is because he is from Brescia.  Sorry for my spelling of players names, I wouldn't know where to put the accents.  Have a good evening and I'll be wearing my game face on Sunday. lol

Image result for childs game face

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