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About: Hi, You can call me Sam or Sm, I like drawing and playing Videogames. I put most of my art on, and my username is @SCM, You should also check out my Deviantart (Vaporeon8090) profile because I have other, and older art on there, too. I like playing Super Smash Flash 2, Pokemon Fangames, and lots of Browser-Based MMO's. My Favorite Pokemon is Ledian, My Favorite Mario Character is Shy Guy, and my Favorite Kirby character is Bandana Waddle Dee. (I'm a big Nintendo Fan :) Devices: School Chromebook, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii

Interests: Catching Pokemon, Drawing, Playing Video games

Favorite Music: The Duck Song, Coffin Dance, All-Star, Dance Monkey, Distraction Dance, Anything Played in Omatone, Also All Pokemon Music, Kirby Soundtracks, Legend of Zelda Main Theme, Animal Crossing Music <3

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