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About: I'm a 21 year old student living in Mississippi.

Interests: Reading, videogames, anime, various other nerdy things, hunting, shooting, hanging out with friends.

Favorite Music: Favorite type of music is probably a toss up between melodic death metal/melodic metalcore. Although, they may be my favorite I still love most kinds of music. Everything from celtic, trance, country, rap, and all those other types. I only dislike fast country songs, most indie bands, and modern pop music.

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1 year ago

Hello, I'm here to ask if it would be alright for me to use one of your pieces on my YouTube channel? I'm willing to pay for the use of it.

If you would please contact me at my YouTube email,, thank you.


Thank you,

Colby Gray

5 years ago
528.gif Come visit METAL SHOP DAILY on Neo Colony Abyss! smiley Not much there at the moment. Help us grow it!.
6 years ago
Happy New Year! May this year bring you many blessings and joys.
6 years ago
Happy New Year my friend!!! laughlaughlaugh
6 years ago
Hi laugh
6 years ago


How about we chat on this site for a little and then I'll give you some info about how to chat with me elsewhere? Just call me paranoid lolz.

thank you for fanning me! Jacky and I live about a mile from each other, we run into each other often. I'll make sure to say hello for you!. Ciao my friend laugh

6 years ago
It's wonderful to see you posting again laugh Your uploads have always been outstanding.
6 years ago

I know somebody who met you on this site. She is not here anymore, but she told me to look you up.

Hi laugh

7 years ago
Cool wallpapers dude
1 second ago
Yeah, I hear you're a sci fi man, haha. I think I have a few more waiting to be moderated that you'd probably like. Also, I need to scour my sources more heavily for Emma. Her beauty is just to severe to not be shared with the world. :P
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