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Hello I am from the North of France & I love the beautiful images, photos, Gifs & on this site discovered a short time ago I am in paradise ......... Thank you to all of you for your magnificent creations. Good continuation . Sincerely, Dom Ps I am using a translator so sometimes the translations are weird.

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5 days ago

Hi my sweet friend,It's good to see a message from you made my day! I can't wait till Autumn comes...Thank you! My weekend is goin great... And I'm doin fine! Well I better get ready my daughter husband is bbq chicken,steak, and sausage for dinner! Take Care of yourself....Kisses 

6 days ago

Hi my sweet Friend, I hope your doin well, and have a wonderful day today! I hope you have a great weekend! The weather here has cooled off a lot for several days now and I'm enjoying it..Take Care of yourself....Kisses 

1 week ago

Hi my sweet friend, It seems you have a lot goin on and I hope nothing serious! The weather has cool off here in the last few days high in the 80s... I hope you have a great week! Take care of yourself my sweet friend....Kisses 

1 week ago

Hi my sweet friend, I'm sorry just been really busy! It's great to see a message from you made my day brighter! I hope you're doin well... as for me doin good! I hope you have a relaxing Sunday! Take Care of yourself...Kisses 

2 weeks ago

I hope to be back by end of October beginning of November so take care and be safe.


Have a Great Weekend.

3 weeks ago

As summer winds down here as we are currently in the mid-40's.....

Wishing you a Wonderful New Week🌻🌞


3 weeks ago

Hi Dom

Hope all is well with you and Dad.  Summer is winding down.  Some of our leaves are turning.

Have a pleasant weekend as well.


4 weeks ago

Hi Dom,Thank you.. I hope you have a great week! Have a pleasant evening and take care of yourself...Kisses 

1 month ago


1 month ago

Hi Dom,Sorry for late reply..Thank you..It is very very hot here and at times can't breathe outside it's so hot! I hope you're doin well..Take Care of yourself...Kisses 

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