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Website: My Instagram Site

About: I'm just a 24 years old, introverted woman, who dont like people very much, who can do a lot but nothing very good, from germany! :D (Ouch, somehow that sounded very negative..) Buuuh... \(._.\) Maybe i have a great humor!

Interests: I like art of all kinds as long as i can think. Especially photography, drawing, editing pictures and videos on PC with some programs (Photoshop, Premiere Pro etc.). Also I'm a big fan of action-movies like Expendables, Transporter, The Mechanic etc. and I like to play some videogames like Grand Theft Auto.

Favorite Music: I love every kind of Rock'N Roll, I will bet this was hard to guess.. :D My favourites are ACDC, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and german bands like Die Ärzte and Die toten Hosen. Secretly I'm also a fan of Helene Fischer but please don't tell anyone.


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