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12 hours ago

It appears my nose never fails me.  I overdid the cheese and it overflowed the pizza pan and was dripping in the oven floor and now I have to clean my oven.  Thank goodness for self clean ovens.  :)  

They don't eat pizza like that in Italy with everything on it, that's an American thing 😝



1 day ago

Are you kidding, you want to see me go in anxiety mode, just say make an appointment or do anything on line and I Freak!

Computer Omg GIF by Minnesota State University Moorhead

I don't know who that woman is but I think i'm worse and nobody better talk to me when I'm trying to do something on it! lol

I like the cat that got swallowed up!  Good Excuse.😋

Bella is recovering from an ear infection and hub doesn't like the snow😟

Sniff Sniff I smell my pizza burning, gotta go

Anyone for Extra Crispy 😲



1 day ago

My second shot is February 11th.  It was funny, you had to sit for 15 minutes to make sure you were okay and you were to make your second appointment during that time.  I raised my hand and they gave me a tablet to make the second appointment since I have no cell phone.🤔  I have never even seen a tablet before and of course I didn't know how to work it so one of the monitors did it for me since I foiled in my attempt.🙄

As you know I'm not a techy person at all.

Well I know it's Saturday and you like to relax but you can do that tomorrow on Sunday.....

Come out and play in the snow wif me pleazzzzzzzzzz  I got nobody to play wif 🙁


Come on wake up, get up, time to play, let's go.   Hurry Up.  I want to play in the snow 😯

2 days ago

Fish Sticks, that's not fish.  You remind me of my daughter in law, not willing to try anything new and eats fish sticks, mac and cheese ewwww

What about Flounder, Haddock, Trout, Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops?  You have to love those, yes?🤔  I'm not crazy about Salmon but I eat it 😛

What am I going to do with you!  I guess you could live on rum alone. 😝

The shot didn't hurt but the line and the waiting was enough to drive me out of my mind.  Why they give appointments is beyond me?  When I got out of there there was double the amount of people still to get their shots with the line outside and around the building.  Whew!  I should consider myself lucky!


Have a Safe & Lovely Weekend ♥


2 days ago

Happy Weekend 


3 days ago

Shhhh, Don't tell anyone I'm hiding.  I have to go for my first Covid 19 Vaccine this morning 😥


Okay so I gather you eat hamburgers, chicken, pasta, fish? (maybe) Tripe is really good, I make it once a year. Duck is good too, not much meat but a tasty treat.  Okay I have to focus now.... I rather be with Gema playing in the snow.


4 days ago

If I'm. It has snowed so much that some have skied inside the city 😁

Ranking de empresas: Albacete - Empresa Actual

4 days ago

I never had an ostrich egg either only duck and chicken?  How are ostrich eggs?

4 days ago

I was never good in geography but it was someone from France once told me they were eating.

I'm trying to figure out what you eat besides cereal....🤔


I got it!  Did you ever eat Tripe or Duck (Quack)? 



5 days ago

Don't you eat ostrich?  I heard people in France eat that.  I've never had ostrich.  I guess you have to catch him first.

Fun Day Snow Day GIF - FunDay SnowDay Skiing GIFs

I rushed to take my lights down in 22 degree temperatures and it never snowed 😕  Bah!

Tuesdays Here Funny Animals GIF - TuesdaysHere FunnyAnimals Dog GIFs

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