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16 hours ago

I'm going to rest this weekend because next week i'll be busy, busy, busy.

I guess my husband can create a kitchen in the garage for me, there is certainly enough room as it has loft.  Good backup for rainy weather in the summer.💡  The party never stops!😝

I'm scheduled for my booster Moderna shot on November 12 😪  I thought I was done for the year getting poked....Phooey

I sent out my Halloween Party Invites yesterday.👺😀


We start at dusk on the All Hallow's Eve/Samhain the 30th through Halloween 31st


Bonfire, Wiener and Marshmallow Roast, Seance, Dancing Around the Fire and lots of goodies and booze.




1 day ago

Plzzzz the suspense was killing us as well when 4 o'clock rolled around and no delivery.  Hub called and they said 5:30,.... 5:30 came and went and no delivery....6:30 pm came and no delivery, Hub moves car back in garage and locks up the gate and shop...7 PM we get a phone call they're 20 minutes away after hub called the store manager etc.  Can  you believe we got a delivery at 7:30 pm, pitch dark and raining like the dickens.  Oh Whatta Night😨  So they sent us another island, we didn't need another island so now we have 2 extra islands, another bottom cabinet that we didn't need either as hub fixed the drawer and we got and top cabinet that we was damaged so that one is a plus.  I still haven't received my main overhead double cabinet that extends across over the counter for all my glasses and the lazy susan half moon that goes into the corner cabinet otherwise how the heck am I suppose to get in there.  Hopefully that will be on next week's Wednesday Delivery.  One can hope, right?  I'm never redoing my kitchen again 😝

With all this crap going on I stayed up all night reading an entire 300+ page book til the wee hours of the morning so today I'm running late and I don't give a kohootie.


It's straight from the bottle weekend after yesterday.



I'm taking one weekend at a time but can't wait for next weekend LOL


1 day ago

Happy Weekend my friend


2 days ago

I believe chicken and waffles is a southern dish, you can't get that round these parts.

Yep, Bella and are good for maybe a year except for trimming her nails.  It's All Good 😀


Now if only my kitchen was all good.  Delivery expected today and next Wednesday so maybe just maybe it all the cabinets will be in by Halloween and we can proceed with the Party!!!! 🎃




3 days ago

PS: I think those are bacon bits in the cup, at least they're not moving 🤣

3 days ago

Oh, I almost forgot, It's National Chicken and Waffle Day

I can honestly say I've never had chicken and waffles, I've had waffles and I've had chicken but never together.  Have You?


3 days ago

Bella survived although she didn't like getting poked for the draw.  Must run in the family....






4 days ago

haha, at least we are one dy closer to the weekend.

Today the Vet comes for Bella. Just a draw and nail clipping, pretty easy for me but I don't know about Bella 😏



5 days ago

I'm not ready to wake up


Monday came too soon.


Stay out of trouble.😝

6 days ago

You're so fussy when it comes to food....

Here are you beignets, no chocolate 😝


Ah, the steak was perfect!  The rain has stopped, the wind is a howling, the leaves are falling and it's only 42 degrees F Woo Hoo.  



Hope your Sunday was relaxing 😃

PS:  I'll let you know on Friday 🤔

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