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8 hours ago

Okay I'm awake now and ready to play smiley

Image result for Playing in the snow gifs

Are you all ready for me?

Image result for Playing in the snow gifs

Hurry up, you're missing out on all the fun laugh

Image result for Playing in the snow gifs

Clever lol

21 hours ago

Are you getting ready to come out and play too..

Image result for bundled up gif

I think I need a nap first so I'll be ready.

Nite Nite

Related image

22 hours ago

Gee Cdd, 

You're sending me must really feel sorry for me.  No fear it is now -1 degree from -12 this morning with -20F wind chill factor. smiley   It's getting better all the time.

Okay i'm all bundled up....Now can I go out and play?

Related image

1 day ago

Happy Monday. Have a good week laugh


1 day ago

Image result for Monday again gif

Have a Great Week Everyone smiley

Related image

I'm living in life below zero today smiley

1 day ago


That's what I mean 7fqnme2rs8e.gif  I  have the advantage 7fqnme2rs8e.gif

1 day ago

Hi Cdd

I wasn't ready for that snowball angry

Well the snow plowing party is over, the snowman has been built, the crew has been fed, hot chocolate w/marshmallows all around and now it's time to kick up until all the snow blows back in the places that were shoveled and plowed. lol

Image result for hand built large skeleton snowman

I bet you don't have any more snow to make a snowball cheeky7fqnme2rs8e.gif


2 days ago

Hi Cdd

I'm serious about my soccer and snow cheeky lol I watched 4 or 5 soccer games yesterday that's why I read at night because my eyes are crossed by 6

So far we only got a foot of snow but we have until 4pm til it winds down to just snow showers for the rest of today and tomorrow too so i'm expect another foot or so. The bad part is that the temp with wind is well below zero. I saw what it was in France yesterday 32F but you know it could have been snow if you got any precipitation devil The temperatures reminds me of that show Life Below Zero.  Still have power at the moment but i'm just zipping through for now as I got church coming on in 4 minutes.

Image result for We only got one foot of snow images

Have a relaxing Sunday smiley   Snowball Fight On!!!!

Image result for Blizzard throwing snow gifs

2 days ago

I just watched the national team (women) France vs. USA.  France slaughtered USA 3-1.  USA was really out of form - wow!  It was a friendly game but they really need to get their act together before the World Cup.  We were rooting for France. lol  

Should I make a prediction on the Women's World Cup...nah...i'll wait..... 

See you when I see you smiley

3 days ago

hee hee 

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