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22 hours ago

Hi Friend, I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

1 week ago

Thank You!

1 week ago

Hi Friend, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

1 week ago

¡Feliz fin de semana! | Feliz fin de semana, Fin de semana, Feliz día

1 week ago

Feliz semana! - Bombou no Whatsapp

2 weeks ago

16+ Feliz Semana Adventista Images - Frapo

2 weeks ago

Hi Friend, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

3 weeks ago

11 Imágenes gif feliz fin de semana con movimiento

3 weeks ago

Ha! You almost had me fooled there 😛🏄‍♂️

My aunt didn't budge as she said she wasn't affected by the brunt of the hurricane as she is inland more.

Umbrellas only help out in the rain, what about the snow and ice 🤔  It is less shoveling and no slipping on the ice getting to the garage this way.


I'm just hoping they don't make a mess although i'm sure my husband will be on the roof with them.  He scares the living daylights out of me when he goes on the roof, even what he's building now on ladders and roofs  After the amish built our 4 car garage with a loft he was on that high pitched metal roof putting snow guards up after they were done free style.  He's no spring chicken anymore.😱  Then you wonder why I have anxiety.


Oh well.  You behave while i'm gone and behave.... nahhhhh.  Just be you.

I hope to be back by end of October beginning of November so take care and be safe.


Have a Great Weekend.

PS:  I liked our June as every weekend there was a bbq/party that we had was just the perfect temperature.  Not too hot, low 70's for the high. Today we have one more day of reprieve before it gets in the high 80's. 

3 weeks ago

Dog Eye GIF - Dog Eye Wink GIFs

What do you mean stubborn runs in the family?  I'm not stubborn.😝

Hub has the sauce down perfect, no supervision necessary.

You surf like i'm the Queen of England.  You mean to tell me you would drive 4 hours to go surfing?


The Amish are coming tomorrow morning (10 am) to do the roof and remove the skylight.  It's only suppose to be a 4 hour job and it is going to be a perfect day weather wise.

I hope it's not too dark in my kitchen without the skylight.  Hub will be a busy bee finishing it off from the inside.  My kitchen will probably be in disarray for a few days until he finishes it off.  He's already working on an outdoor project of covering from the front deck steps and walkway to the door in the garage with a roof so we don't have to walk throught rain, ice and snow to get into the garage. 

The temperatures are suppose to rise to the 90's beginning of next week to mid week.  It mght be good for him to work indoors with the a/c.


Tick Tock Tick Tock!! 😝

Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!

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