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12 hours ago

lol I guess turkey dogs would work for Thanksgiving, as long as its turkey.  They just need a quick refresher course as it's been awhile.

Thanks; sounds good to me.

Nite Nite

Image result for pirate good night images

12 hours ago

Thank you for being so gracious smiley   Since you're being so gracious how about lending me your crew to help prepare for Thanksgiving.

Can they be here by tomorrow?  The weather is all clear til Friday but I'll send them home Thursday nite after dinner so they don't get trapped here.cheeky

And as a bonus I'll send each one home with their own apron laugh

Image result for Pirate crew cooking images


12 hours ago

Did you ever hear the theory when you grow up you start going backwards again? smiley

12 hours ago


Image result for Lil girl playing in the snow images


Image result for Lil girl playing in the snow images

Is there something wrong with me LOL

22 hours ago

Image result for Great Day gif

1 day ago

I think you better put a minion in a snow suit not a bikini, that was cute lol

Related image

1 day ago

Good Morning smiley

Image result for coffee gifs

Have a Beautiful Week My Friend smiley

Image result for Gothic snow gifs

2 days ago


For the featured wallpaper smiley

2 days ago

It can be dangerous if you have a good aim.  Fortunately for you, I don't have a good aim. cheeky

Image result for aiming throwing a snowball funny images gifs

2 days ago

I'z got a stuffing nose and am getting a cold sad

I'z goin to bed early....

Image result for cute sad runny nose girl in bed

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