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4 hours ago

It's a New Day🙂


I look brown eyed bushy tail and raring to go 😝

You want to try water skiing, you won't have to swim and you don't even have to get wet 😈




1 day ago

I'm going through the motions but i'm still asleep for Tuesday 😴





2 days ago

Bite your tongue (No power loss).  Don't even speak it.....😲

Haha, that was cute.... you have my husband pegged with the tabsco sauce.  He pours it on every night in his own dish of course.  Yuck!

Whew, these parties have to stop, i'm whipped





2 days ago


3 days ago

You look quite beat, you must have had a hard week.


4 days ago

Ha, the best laid plans of Mice and Men go astray.  My son called me 2 hours ago and said he's coming over for a party/bbq tomorrow with the gang.  Oh Boy, he's bringing probably one of your favorites bison burgers and i'm making turkey burgers, which do you like better?  I got the potato salad in prep stage and just made ice cream and put it in the freezer.  Even with half a kitchen I'm still on the go.  I don't have my baking powder as it is packed away in a box so I'm testing the waters making a cinnamon/apple/pecan cake without it😲 LOL  I'm thinking of trying to make broccoli fritters, never heard of them, never had one BUT....I make create them for tomorrow as my hub bought 5 lbs. of broccoli.😲  He doesn't know the meaning of 1 or 2 bunches.  I've lived with that for 42 yrs. Okay back to kitchen duty for me.  See if you can make it as they'll be plenty here.


4 days ago

Gee it didn't take long to take down the top cabinets.  Yeah, I still have my stove in tack so me cooking is still on the menu for now.

So what are you up too this weekend since there's no party here? 😝

saturday should i sit down meme


5 days ago

OMG Today is the day the top cabinets only in the kitchen are coming down.

Let the demolition begin. 😲


Our cabinet delivery is coming today but don't know when the contractor will be ready yet?  He still hasn't even ordered the floor yet😱

Cat Kitten GIF - Cat Kitten Kitty GIFs

5 days ago


6 days ago

No, he's not a red neck, just like his privacy and drones invade it.

How do I find out about these national days....I watch the news and they announce it.  😝

Cute doggie wieners. LOL  I don't know if you would of liked my hot dogs as I made peppers and onions to go on them.  You're such a fussy eater😝

They just announced it's...


I don't eat Mango's but hub does.

Lucy And GIF - Lucy And Ethel GIFs

One more day til Friday 😛  Have a good one. 👀

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