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16 hours ago

No, we have a bunch of fireworks and enough land to shoot them off without problems. My brother in law brought all his here from Jersey as every time he set them off his neighbors call the police now I'll have the police right in my backyard. 🤣 It's going to rain later on today and part of the morning and then it's clear sailing.(no pun intended) 😝  I can't say for certain that your ship will survive a mishap though🤔 but i'll make sure that doesn't happen cause who wants your crew here until who knows when until the ship will repaired.....😱  Not that they're not helpful or anything. 😇


Oooo you know what I forgot to tell ya.....Hallmark is having a Christmas in July Marathon starting at 10 am today the entire month so I'm glad soccer is on the back burner for now.


hee hee 


18 hours ago

No I didn't forget Fourth of July 😝  Wasn't sure if we could wing it with the deck being stained but all is good👍

You know Manual Labor or maybe you cannot comprehend since you have a crew to do your bidding.😝


We'll hear you coming from miles away 





1 day ago

OMGosh!  It's a party weekend.   It's on a Monday but we'll be celebrating starting Saturday.


I have something to look forward to BBQ, Fireworks, Music and Mia.  Do come with your crew, it will be perfect weather.




2 days ago

Don't worry my friend, if my hub ever sees any type of drone hovering near our house he plans to shoot them out of the sky.


haha you are absolutely right. My son lost this in the lake when he was small and I bet he looks something like your creature after all these years.



PS: I went on the soccer channel for Serie A and now they are saying they are not returning until August😯

3 days ago

I don't think Mia would stay as she is too restless.  She went swimming at the lake this past weekend. She loves it and doesn't go too far out.

You wont' need money, just do what you do best😝





3 days ago

This week we will be at 37º, the temperature had dropped a bit but it has risen again 😩

4 days ago



Well it's something for you to look forward too anyways 😝

Try not to be overanxious

Forrest Gump Run GIF - Forrest Gump Run Fast GIFs


Have a GREAT WEEK 😎🏊🍹

Dog Pool GIF - Dog Pool Chill GIFs

4 days ago

Good hot morning from Spain. Happy Week.


5 days ago

I'll have to guess that you have tried goat cheese and not a fan.


No soccer this weekend.  I think in 3 or 4 more weeks it will begin.  I watch Brazil when it comes on at a decent hour for me.


and never happens to a retiree 😝

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday hee hee 🤐

6 days ago

At least dogs can shake it off.  There is nothing smellier than wet dog unless it's after a bath. 😁


It's your lucky day, It's National Goat Cheese Day (ever had it?)  I like it mixed with penne pasta and capers😋





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