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About: Married, Happy Friendly Person ~ A Capricorn ~ Dec. 29th, 1952. Name is Sharon. Living in Finger Lakes Region in Upstate New York, formerly from Jersey and Definitely a JerseyGirl!! (Formerly RoseOfSharon on DN) I may post tunes with images. I'm more of a commentor than an uploader but I try my bestest :) I believe in being Positive, Respectful and showing Common Courtesy. I'm really sorry i'm not up on the latest Games, Anime, TV shows or Movies BUT...I love images regardless and that is how I base my opinions. I've always liked Rozen Maiden and now Tokyo Ghoul. If something strikes me then I Like it, Fav and usually Comment if time permits.

Interests: Snow, Snow and More Snow, Beaches, Anime, Nature, Music, Dark, Gothic, Fantasy, Mysterious, Animals (Particularly Dogs, Wolves & Horses), Cars, Beautiful Things, Creative Art and More. Sorry Not a Gamer ~ I loved Pac Man though, couldn't get enough of that one ~ LOL Soccer/Football ~ Juventus is my main team; PSG & Real is second but I Love ALL teams; Italian, French, Germany, Colombia, Spanish, English, etc. It's just an exciting sport. Also Love Extreme Sports - Amazing!! Use to play violin so I fancy Violin uploads ;) Love to play Bocci and have snowball fights too LOL I enjoy Adult Color Books to Color in Pen and Pencil; Crochet; & Avid Reader. My Favorite TV Channels are CNN, WESTERN, TCM, RETRO and HALLMARK MOVIE & MYSTERIES. Also Sport Channels BEIN SPORT, ESPN 1 & 2 : FS1 and 2 and Olympic Channel.

Favorite Music: All Music ~ Gothic Symphonic, Metal Music Groups Plus40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Opera, Classical, Easy Listening, Jazz. My taste in music is broad.

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Image result for have a lovely weekend images

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Hello again beautiful Sharon and family/friends smiley

Well, I'm single again, and still happy, and tomorrow being my birthday, for once it'll be a happier one than the last, as I have so much more to be happier about than I did last year, and last year I was so happy I almost burst laugh

In case you're wondering, we broke up after she asked if I was happier after being with her in a relationship than I was when I was single, and didn't give me time to answer her fully.

I started saying "No, I'm not as happy as I was before...." and she exploded, screaming and raging at me, causing everyone to turn and stare (We were at a seminar I was hosting), broke up with me and stormed out.

If she'd have let me finish what I was going to say, she'd still be with me, as I was going to say that I was still happy, and happier than before because I was able to express my deeper emotions with someone who I thought was important in my life.

As always, she jumped the gun, and walked out, leaving everyone wondering what the Hell was going on.

Everyone now says she should have let me finish speaking, as if you ask me a question, some of my answers can make it seem like I'm not being positive at first, and if you listen long enough, I explain myself fully and honestly.

So now I don't have to keep expl.aining myself to her, have her trying to psychoanalize EVERYTHING I say or do, have her jumping in while I'm trying to explain something to her, and can actually have a conversation with another woman without her having to be next to me, making sure everyone knows "He's taken."

As I'm still doing evening seminars, my friend and I are having our Friday Italian treat during the day tomorrow, for my birthday celebration, and to celebrate our friendship as usual, which is much more important to me, as her friendship is one in which I can be as intimate as possible with my thoughts/emotions, and she accepts and understands me, and how much she means to me in return.

I was almost violated yesterday by a dog, which was a surprise, as I thought I was just out doing some shopping at the time.

A gorgeous little long haired Chihuahua ran up to me, and began trying to climb my leg, very excited and demanding attention.

Her owner came over and apologized, saying that she loves bald men (Her husband is bald, and most of his friends too, she explained), and runs up to any man she sees without hair, expecting cuddles and fuss blush

I was delighted, to be honest, and fussed the life out of her, getting licked and bounced on in a frenzy.

Made my day, I have to admit.

I'm in County Galway tonight, among all the new Agers who seem to live there, so it'll be a good night for me, as I'll see so many people I've known for years, and hear how everyone has been doing, what they've done, and what they plan on doing.

It'll be around even numbers of men and women for once, most of my seminars being full of women, so even better, as I won't be the only stud-bunny let loose among all those Hippy-Chicks devil

I've also got a new voluntary job in another charity shop (the Cancer shop), so I have somewhere to go and do good again, and somewhere to rummage around looking for things to add to my project material piles.

My work area looks like a hoarder's dream come true right now.

I know I should sort it all out into ordered boxes, but then there'd be no fun when I go looking for one thing, and find a thousand others instead laugh

Well, better be off for now, and get ready for tonight.

Hope you and Super-Hub are both healing rapidly and fully, and don't forget, you've people all over the world rooting for the both of you, not just here in Irerland wink

Love and hugs all round

Paul cool

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