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About: Married, Happy Friendly Person ~ A Capricorn ~ Dec. 29th, 1952. Name is Sharon. Living in Finger Lakes Region in Upstate New York, formerly from Jersey and Definitely a JerseyGirl!! (Formerly RoseOfSharon on DN) I may post tunes with images. I'm more of a commentor than an uploader but I try my bestest :) I believe in being Positive, Respectful and showing Common Courtesy. I'm really sorry i'm not up on the latest Games, Anime, TV shows or Movies BUT...I love images regardless and that is how I base my opinions. I've always liked Rozen Maiden and now Tokyo Ghoul. If something strikes me then I Like it, Fav and usually Comment if time permits.

Interests: Snow, Snow and More Snow, Beaches, Anime, Nature, Music, Dark, Gothic, Fantasy, Mysterious, Animals (Particularly Dogs, Wolves & Horses), Cars, Beautiful Things, Creative Art and More. Sorry Not a Gamer ~ I loved Pac Man though, couldn't get enough of that one ~ LOL Soccer/Football ~ Juventus is my main team; PSG & Real is second but I Love ALL teams; Italian, French, Germany, Colombia, Spanish, English, etc. It's just an exciting sport. Also Love Extreme Sports - Amazing!! Use to play violin so I fancy Violin uploads ;) Love to play Bocci and have snowball fights too LOL I enjoy Adult Color Books to Color in Pen and Pencil; Crochet; & Avid Reader. My Favorite TV Channels are CNN, WESTERN, TCM, RETRO and HALLMARK MOVIE & MYSTERIES. Also Sport Channels BEIN SPORT, ESPN 1 & 2 : FS1 and 2 and Olympic Channel.

Favorite Music: All Music ~ Gothic Symphonic, Metal Music Groups Plus40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Opera, Classical, Easy Listening, Jazz. My taste in music is broad.

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1 hour ago

Hi Sharon,

I'm ready for the fun, where did you go?

4 hours ago

6 hours ago
Helloo my friend,
Sunday we had a big storm with accumulations of 35 centimeters of snow!
This morning the temperature is -36, brrrr
"Environment Canada" multiply Polar Cold Warnings for our region (Québec)!

The video chat is just like my adorable SnowBelle !!

Have a nice day  smiley 
6 hours ago

Thank you so much, you're kind heart

7 hours ago


Image result for Snow woman gif

7 hours ago

Palestine/ Israel no

7 hours ago

Hahaha, Thank you wink but I want the real feeling of snow broken heart maybe I should move to another country cool

8 hours ago

Hi Sharon smiley

Well, here in Ireland we're again having severe weather warnings about heavy rain, flooding and snowfall, and it's like a Binlical deluge of rain here in Ennis since yesterday, and everyone is out hiding under golfing umbrellas, which means they can't see where they're going, or who is approaching, so LOTS of angry shouting from pedestrians, horns blasting from cars/lorries as people walk blindly into the road, and shop keepers complaining about customers who get stuck in their doorways, as no-one seems able to fold down their huge umbrellas before entering frown

I am in Ennis for the next few nights' seminars, so am able to walk to the venue, as I always save the last few seminars for my home town, and people pack the place out to capacity every night, some coming from other countries, who have followed me for years, so these last few nights are always the best for me, as I get to rest, don't have far to go to get to them, don't get lost finding them, and am faced with so many friendly, familiar faces from over the years laugh

I was drenched yesterday, when I went shopping, as the rain was coming in on the horizontal, but today you can actually see the sun peeking out from the clouds.

I've been having so much fun since the seminars started last year, but am ready for a rest now, if that's what you could call it, as I have a lot to do during the day, too.

Then again, I love my "job," so it's not like work, really, just fun all the time wink

The cats are all happy, too, now that I'm winding down the seminars for the year, as they get to use me like a big, warm cushion for longer periods, when they're not curled up in front of the fire, and they love me playing with them and cuddling them so much while they climb all over me.

Hopefully you won't all be too cold over there, and have lots of hot chocolate and fireside cuddles to keep you going smiley

Some friends of mine over there have just recently moved from a life in Florida to a new home where they have seen the first real snow in their lives, and all ran out to celebrate, trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues, and feeling the difference in temperature for the first time.

It seems odd to me that some people in the Western world have never seen snow first hand, having lived in a warm/hot part of a country all their lives, and even rain to them is deemed "odd."

Then again, Florida does have the odd hurrican or storm to liven the days up, so that's some compensation.

I couldn't live in a place that's sunny all the time, as I thrive in the cold and wet, and the heat just drains me to nothing in no time at all.

Okay, I'm weird by nature, being born out of place, but I like it blush

When I was in the mountains, many years ago, normal people around me were gasping for air, as the air was thinner at those altitudes, but I was having no difficulties breathing, as I have a deformed chest/lungs, but when I'm in "normal" areas, like where I live, I always have breathing problems, as it's like slowly drowning in oxygen.

Sounds very strange, but I always feel the air pressure is pressing down on me, and struggle to breathe or talk sometimes, and when I'm in a crowded place, it gets even worse.

Get me up a mountain, and I'm fine, no problems whatsoever, while everyone else around me is reaching for the oxygen bottles, I'm breathing deep and easy frown

I've been told many times that I'm not built for city/town life, but for places higher up, where the air is thin, and the roads steep, and that's by mountain climbers and mountain people themselves, as I have short, powerful legs, and a long, deep chested top body, like Tibetans and the people who inhabit the mountains in Afghanistan, both places where I felt at home while I was there.

Then again, Afghanistan was a little too warm for my liking, even in the mountains, where the winds howl round the place at times.

Too dry for my taste, too dusty, but Tibet was wonderful, up in the high areas, where they still fly prayer penants, and you can see clouds beneath you at times.

And me normally scared of heights, too blush

I daren't climb a short ladder if I can avoid it, but give me a mountain, and I'm like a goat, leaping and climbing like it's the most normal thing in life.

Did you know Mount Everest ISN'T the highest mountain in the world, by the way?

The highest mountain on Earth is just off the coast of Hawaii, makes Everest look like a pimple, but is almost completely underwater, so you can barely see any part of it.

I can't remember the name, as it's really long and native to Hawaii, so you may have to Google it to find how it's spelled.

I found out about it from an oceanic geographer I met at one of my seminars many years ago.

I was talking about my time among the Roshanaya (The Illuminated Ones) in Afghanistan, and how the mountains sing where they live, and we got talking during the break, and that's when he told me about the mountain underwater off Hawaii.

The Roshanaya were supposedly killed off during the British reign in Afghanistan, and were part of the Hashishim (Religous assassins, which is where the word "assassin" is derived from, and were killed off during the opium wars there), and can also physically manifest there chakras.

I wanted to see where they originated from, and found them still thriving, despite what it says in the history books smiley

NOT a place to travel alone, unarmed and white skinned, but I did, and had some interesting times with the bandit tribes, to say the least, as they are honour bound to host you in their villages if you entre at sundown, but you must leave at sunset, and then they will chase/hunt you until you reach the next village at sundown, and will happily cut your throat just to see you die, if you have nothing of any value on you.

I managed to barter an ancient Lee Enfield rifle from one tribesman, and held a band of them off for a whole day once, trying to get from one village to the next, shooting from cover at them, then scrambling further along the way, finding cover again, and shooting again.

They had Russian AK 47 assault rifles, rocket propelled grenades and more modern armament to fire at me, which was scary, to say the least, but they enjoyed having someone to hunt who gave them more "sport" than usual, I was told later.

When I think back over my youth, I realize why so many people keep telling me I should write a book about the things I did, the places I went, and the people I met blush

Then again, anyone who comes to my seminars gets a semi-autobiography of parts of my life thrown in.

I didn't learn most of what I know from books/seminars, I LIVED them from day to day, being born with my abilities and awareness, and just went off into the world to find people who could help me understand/develope them if possible, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Probably explains a lot abou why I'm so different from everyone else around me.

I'm a square peg in big round hole most of the time, I fit in the hole, but just don't "fit" my surroundings smiley

Well, I'm off to play with the cats again, as they've decided to start knocking things off my work table, so it's out with the hand axe for a game of Murder In The Dark with them devil (Only joking, don't worry. It's too light to do it in the dark, so they're easier to see laugh)

Love to all over there, stay warm, safe and happy 

Paul cool




21 hours ago

Nite Nite

Related image


21 hours ago

You look ready to go out and play, I will allow it cheeky

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