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About: Married, Happy Friendly Person ~ A Capricorn ~ Dec. 29th, 1952. Name is Sharon. Living in Finger Lakes Region in Upstate New York, formerly from Jersey and Definitely a JerseyGirl!! (Formerly RoseOfSharon on DN) I may post tunes with images. I'm more of a commentor than an uploader but I try my bestest :) I believe in being Positive, Respectful and showing Common Courtesy. I'm really sorry i'm not up on the latest Games, Anime, TV shows or Movies BUT...I love images regardless and that is how I base my opinions. I've always liked Rozen Maiden and now Tokyo Ghoul. If something strikes me then I Like it, Fav and usually Comment if time permits.

Interests: Snow, Snow and More Snow, Beaches, Anime, Nature, Music, Dark, Gothic, Fantasy, Mysterious, Animals (Particularly Dogs, Wolves & Horses), Cars, Beautiful Things, Creative Art and More. Sorry Not a Gamer ~ I loved Pac Man though, couldn't get enough of that one ~ LOL Soccer/Football ~ Juventus is my main team; PSG & Real is second but I Love ALL teams; Italian, French, Germany, Colombia, Spanish, English, etc. It's just an exciting sport. Also Love Extreme Sports - Amazing!! Use to play violin so I fancy Violin uploads ;) Love to play Bocci and have snowball fights too LOL I enjoy Adult Color Books to Color in Pen and Pencil; Crochet; & Avid Reader. I love Marshmallows. My Favorite TV Channels are CNN, WESTERN, TCM, RETRO and HALLMARK MOVIE & MYSTERIES. Also Sport Channels BEIN SPORT, ESPN 1 & 2 : FS1 and 2 and Olympic Channel.

Favorite Music: All Music ~ Gothic Symphonic, Metal Music Groups Plus40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Opera, Classical, Easy Listening, Jazz. My taste in music is broad.

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1 day ago


1 day ago

Wishing you a blessed week Sharon smiley

1 day ago

Have a great week smiley


2 days ago

See the source image

4 days ago

Resultado de imagen de have a great weekend

4 days ago


5 days ago

Hi Sharon and family laugh

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I have been doing some very strange terrain boards for a gaming club, and it's tested my abilities beyond anything I'd ever think of attempting before. I was visited at work by a gaming club, who wanted some specialized terrain boards made - if possible - for a scenario they want to play, and so we got our heads together and discussed what was possible or not.

That's how I got into the state of inspiration/frustration I'm in now, as they want a 4'x4' gaming table, built to resemble a field full of crop circles, and believe me, making crop circles out of 4mm static grass has turned out to be somewhat of a challenge, putting it VERY lightly.

Suffice it to say, I'm learning the limits of a LOT of things right now, my temper not being one of them, as that has just wandered off into a whole new world of its own, and everyone is walking a wide berth around me while I'm working angry

The dragon is coming along during the twilight hours, as a means to help me "relax" by trying to fix tiny jewelry chains into very long lengths, while not using a magnifying lens, without my glasses on, and squinting myopically all the while.

Such fun frown

We have had a new arrival, too, as a tiny little kitten has come into the workplace, and been taken under the wing of all the girls, while I have to see to the regular cat, so it doesn't attack the kitten over territorial issues.

Our Australian wonder woman has proved to be worth every penny of her pay grade, as the way she speaks makes the company name sound SO much funnier when people phone in with an inquiry, leaving us all falling about laughing hearing her talking with customers.

Most walk-in customers  have been asking why she keeps asking them questions, not being used to her accent, which ends every sentence as if she asking something, not telling you something.

Watch any Australian TV programme or YouTube video, and you'll see what I mean.

It's hilarious wink

I just tell people she's Welsh, and that if you ignore her, she'll eventually go away devil

It's just FABULOUS when she loses her temper, as even when she's shouting at someone, it still sounds like she's asking questions, instead of giving out at them.

Then again, being from Upside Down Land, she has NO problem with the huge spiders we keep finding in the bathrooms and canteen, and picks them up and takes them away while the rest of us cower behind the door.

The refrain "Thaaaht's nort a shpoidah" (That's what it sounds like when she talks) is often heard when she's called in to deal with the latest arachnid invader, quickly followed by shrieks and gasps as she picks it up, and then starts stroking the damn thing like Blowfeld (The bad guy from the old James Bond films) stroking his white cat surprise

I REALLY don't like spiders, it must be said, and watching her stroking them just sends cold shivers up my spine.

Her dogs still love me, by the way, and every time we go to her house for coffee and a chat, I get slobbered on and crushed when they jump on me in greeting smiley

Well, I'm away to play with static grass and glue again, as that damn board won't get the better of me (Yet, anyway frown), so take good care everyone over there in the Colonies, and I'll write again once my sanity is restored laugh

All the best

Paul cool



1 week ago


Really? Here is something like this

Have a Great week my friend

1 week ago

I enjoyed your cards, thanks and the skeleton was fun....

Image result for week ahead have a great week

1 week ago


Come on, get up everyone that you have to start the week with energy laugh

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