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About: "I've been here before, I can see it with eyes closed. Shadows that look like blood, dead as far as the mind goes.." ... "Just when I think I'm okay, shadows surround me. All of the monster you are, I can feel in my head.." ... "No more, I'm through. You win, I'm dead." (Hole In The Sky; Silent Hill: Zero/Origins) -

Interests: music, spending (to much) time on the internet, books, movies, friends, gloomy things, gloomy stories & pictures.. stuff. -

Favorite Music: Soundtracks (Akira Yamaoka!, Hans Zimmer, Philip Glass, Clint Mansell, Ike Yoshihiro, Joe Hisaishi...), NIN, Placebo, Within Temptation, Evanescence, RED, How to destroy angels, Something Corporate, Motion City Soundtrack, Paramore, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, A perfect circle...

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7 years ago
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