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10 years ago
The soul was so very lonely. It came to visit the mystic ocean. Falling in love with the rhythm of the everlasting sea. It remained to dream the ocean's dream.-AD XRNBERKDokvwaknd1306361529597.jpg

10 years ago
"The greatest treasures human beings possess are their own illusions". Argue for your limitations and you'll allow yourself to keep them. Have a safe and inspired week everyone! ADNEYUMKDFTEzoaornyxnu1302493851422.jpg

10 years ago
5 straight weeks of rain! Wettest March on record! Would a little bit of sun be to much to ask for? Just about time to start building an Ark! Have a wonderful (dry) week everyone. }:8) VWGMPMKHWBPfaykrgnzsdw1301958103827.jpg

10 years ago
Thank you for the wallpaper comment!

10 years ago
Thats so cute. Who can resist kitten pix! lolz

10 years ago